Anderson Says “No” To Reboot

Richard Dean Anderson has declined the invitation to appear on the CBS ‘MacGyver’ reboot.

In a statement made through his website dated July 25 he wrote…

I’m not considering being a part of a project that has overlooked the insanely LOYAL FANS of the original character and has proceeded without considering how and why they all became and STAYED loyal fans…

Yes, I was asked, but no, I won’t be involved in the MacGyver reboot. I have tried to recognize that there really is a balance to be found here. Hence, my loyalty to my fans.

The statement his RDA fans rejoicing with many reflecting similar sentiments against the reboot saying he’s wise to leave it alone.  While other fans are wondering what exactly it is that he’s referring to and if he’s aware of the changes which have been made to try and bridge the original show with this new incarnation or whether he’s based his decision on the, now defunct, first attempt.

The invitation for Anderson to join the show was announced by Executive Producer, Peter Lenkov at Thursday’s San-Diego-Comic-Con ‘MacGyver’ panel where in response to being asked if anyone had talked to the original stars Lenkov quickly responded that they had reached out to Richard to ask him to appear on the show.

There has so far been no response from Lenkov or the CBS team.



  1. I completely agree with RDA’s decision. The classic MacGyver show was one of my favourites & my friends in high school knew how crazy I was about it, always trying out his experiments or trying to solve problems MacGyver style. I’m 39 yrs old today & there isn’t anything I wouldn’t try MacGyver style. Have I watched the reboot since it aired? The first 10 minutes, yes. That was the last. It’s not a bad show entertainment wise, but honestly, MacGyver is 100% the wrong title for it.

  2. 100% back up RDA’s answer to this. I could only sit through about 2 minutes of the show, in the middle of it, and found it rather…bad. Really bad. I’m so glad they didn’t tarnish it further by having RDA star in it. Thank you for making the correct choice, Mr. Anderson. 🙂

  3. I am 50/50 on RDA’s decision on appearing on the reboot. The original series will always be the best however it’s great to see the ” MaCgyver” name come back to the screen with new characters and a new story line. Friday night is my “MaCgyver ” night. More improvising on the fly and the Murdoc episodes keep the suspence at a high level. The Swiss Army knife is always well known with MaCgyver and will be that way for a lifetime. I have the library of the original series which I always watch. I really would like to see the reboot carry on for more seasons to come as I always look to watch a new episode every week. MaCgyver is number 1 on my list no doubt no debate.

  4. I saw the 2016 macgyver and I found it kind of boring. It’s cool that they kept the original introduction music at least but the format of the show was a bit “tacky”.

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