Reboot Season 2

2-1 DIY or DIE
Airdate: 29 September 2017
Writer: Peter Lenkov, Craig O’Neill and David Slack (all 3 Exec. Producers)
Director: Stephen Herek

Guest Cast:
Ricky Russert (Lt. Samuel Diaz), Marco Sanchez (Mr. Diaz), Daisy Pareja (Mrs. Diaz), Nelson Bonilla (Dominguez), Maz Siam (Ten of Spades), Richard Marrero (Guard # 1), Ari Rufino (Guard), Mustafa Gatollari (Rasha), Sameer Ali Khan (Nizar), Danny Boushebel (Sayid)

MacGyver and the team search for a Navy SEAL who is believed to be alive in captivity in the Middle East.


Airdate: 6 October 2017
Writer: Nancy Kiu
Director: Ericson Core

Guest Cast:
Ronnie Gene Blevins (Cyclone), Victoria Hall (Akira), Shawn Kathryn Kane (D-Rez), Tyrus (Goliath), Kate Bond (Jill Morgan), Vincent Leong (Ambassador), Douglas Olsson (Secretary of Defense)

Mac and the team attempt to locate Riley after her first solo mission with a group of dangerous hackers goes off the rails.


Airdate: 13 October 2017
Writer: Justin Lisson
Director: Duane Clark

Guest Cast:
Karolina Wydra (Vera Kazakova), Darin Cooper (Security Manager), Charles Green (Maintenance Man), Barry Victor Piacente (High Roller), Dennis Friebe (Dealer), Essam Ferris (Guard with Vera), Brady Bond (Cassian), Patrick Logan (Security Guard), Sergey Nagorny (Man)

MacGyver and the team go undercover in a high stakes casino to steal diamonds from a vault before a terrorist group gets there first and trades the jewels for a weapon of mass destruction.


Airdate: 20 October 2017
Writer: Craig O’Neill and David Slack
Director: Bethany Rooney

Guest Cast:
David Dastmalchian (Murdoc), Michael O’Keefe (Harry MacGyver), Grant Springate (Little Mac), Anthony Starke (Henry), Carl Kennedy (Tall Phoenix Tech)

When Murdoc drugs and kidnaps MacGyver, Mac uses a needle and his teeth to escape and join the team to save Murdoc’s next victim.


Airdate: 27 October 2017
Writer: Lindsey Allen
Director: Liz Allen Rosenbaum

Guest Cast:
Jeananne Goossen (Harper Hayes), Isaiah Stratton (Commander Wheeler), David Carr (Bill Kearns), Shaun Mixon (Pilot), Philip Fornah (CIA Tac Team # 1)

The team is pulled away from their Halloween plans when they head into the dreaded Bermuda Triangle to retrieve the Vice President’s son after his plane goes down with a mysterious prisoner on board.


Airdate: 3rd November 2017
Writer: Andrew Karlsruher
Director: Stephen Herek

Guest Cast:
Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Solomon), Zoe Addison Smith (Annabella Pena), Melanie Mendez (Denise), Aina Dumlao (Andie Lee), Kate Bond (Jill Morgan), Jay Amir (Nigerian Boy), Tunde Laleye (Rebel), Kendall Joy Hall (Nina)

Using a cassette player and a plastic bucket, Mac and the team attempt to extinguish a massive oil wellhead fire in a Nigerian village, set by a rebel group, which is trying to topple its government by destroying their most valuable resource.


Airdate: Nov. 10, 2017
Writer: Brian Durkin
Director: Gabriel Beristain

Guest Cast:
Bethany Geaber (Janese), Parker Sack (Tommy), Daniella Alonso (Dr. Alejandra Rosa), Joseph Castillo-Midyett (Hector León), Kate Bond (Jill Morgan), Brad Brinkley (LAPD Officer), Martin Pena (Zarate Soldier), Daisy Galvis (Nurse Puga), Joseph Melendez (Col. Zarate), Tara Jones (Reporter)

MacGyver helps a key presidential candidate in Ecuador receive a heart transplant he desperately needs after a rebel group tries to sabotage delivery of the organ.


Airdate: 17 October 2017
Writer: Lindsey Allen
Director: Stacey Black

Guest Cast:
Billy Baldwin (Elwood), Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin), Luna Velez (Cassandra Glover), Joseph Meissner (Wiessler), Curtis Armstrong (Pawn), Roger Floyd (Enzo Lemaire), Amanda Lavassani (Michelle Baker)

When MacGyver and Jack “steal” a priceless painting in order to draw an infamous art dealer out of hiding, they wind up getting conned out of the painting by the dealer’s team. Also, Riley’s estranged father asks to be part of her life, and Matty sends Bozer to a spy training camp.


Airdate: 1 December 2017
Writers: Marqui Jackson and Nancy Kiu
Director: Bobby Roth

Guest Cast:
Billy Baldwin (Elwood), Kate Bond (Jill Morgan), Louis Ozawa Changchien (Dev Singh), Domenick Lombardozzi (Gunman), Grant Springate (Little Mac), Ian Patrick Mendes (Blake), Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin), Luna Lauren Velez (Cassandra Glover)

Mac and the team follow a group of Indonesian mercenaries who are transporting a lethal amount of stolen nerve gas in the hopes of tracking them to their dangerous leader. Also, Jack confronts Elwood about Riley, and Bozer is pushed to his limit in spy school.


Airdate: Dec. 8, 2017
Writers: Brian Durkin and Andrew Karlsruher
Director: Tawnia McKiernan

Guest Cast:
Billy Baldwin (Elwood), Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin), Luna Lauren Velez (Cassandra Glover), Amy Okuda (Zoe), Domenick Lombardozzi (Gunman), Kyle Kennedy (Coast Guard Admiral), Jeff Sprauve (Russ- Student), Kate Bond (Jill Morgan)

Mac develops an emotional connection to the group leader of 32 college students stranded on a research ship in the Arctic Ocean with no heat and erupting fires as he talks them through how to stay alive while they await a rescue ship. Meanwhile Jack kidnaps Elwood to find out what scam he’s up to next, and Bozer’s feelings toward Leanna grow stronger.


Airdate: Dec. 15, 2017
Writer: Marqui Jackson
Director: Carlos Bernard

Guest Cast:
Bruce McGill (Detective Greer), David Dastmalchian (Murdoc), Arjay Smith (Detective Turner), Jordan Preston Carter (Kid), Michelle Elaine (Mother), David MacDonald (Agent Vincent Whittaker), Jouse Guttierez (Hector Ruiz)

The LAPD interrupts the team’s Christmas celebration to arrest MacGyver for terrorism when they find a body in a building destroyed by a bomb he built.


2-12 MAC + JACK
Airdate: Jan. 5, 2017
Story: Executive Producer Peter Lenkov
Teleplay: Executive Producers Craig O’Neill and David Slack
Director: Ron Underwood

Guest Cast:
Emerson Brooks (Charlie Robinson), Rob Treveiler (FBI Saic Joseph), Todd Anthony Manaigo (SWAT Commander Kevin Hong), Jay Devon Johnson (Colonel Martinez), Anthony Nguyen (Bomb Squad Officer), Tenaya Cleveland (Trauma Surgeon)

MacGyver and Jack recall their first meeting while they are trapped inside Mac’s house, which has been rigged with explosives by MacGyver’s nemesis, The Ghost.


Airdate: Jan. 12, 2018
Story: Timothy J. Lea
Teleplay: Adam Beechen
Director: Brad Turner

Guest Cast:
Ashley Tisdale (Allie), Kate Bond (Jill Morgan), Eddie McClintock (Jimmy), Jane Rumbaua (Tina Pham), Fidelus Singleton (Oscar), Kevin Patrick Murphy (Martin Chapman), Juan Piedrahita (Bellman), Michael Rubino (Ahmed), Brian Brightman (Official), Thom Scott II (Blake), Dominique Mari (Bride), Phillip Mullings Jr. (Groom)

While participating in a challenge for government operatives to create robotic combat machines, MacGyver must help his biggest competitor, Allie (Ashley Tisdale), when her vehicle is hacked and heads to the Pentagon. Meanwhile, Jack attends his high school reunion, hoping for a showdown with his old rival who beat him out for homecoming king. .


Airdate: Jan. 19, 2018
Story: Brian Durkin
Teleplay: Marqui Jackson and Andrew Karlsruher
Director: Mike Martinez

Guest Cast:
Amy Smart (Dixie/Dawn), Garrett Morris (Willy), Jonny Coyne (Raymond), Edwin Walker (Bartender), Jeffrey David Anderson (Guilherme Barbosa), Benjamin Wood (Joao Barbosa), Anthony Belevtsov (Enforcer)

When the team heads to New Orleans to track down the con artist (Amy Smart) who is posing as the wife of “Duke Jacoby,” one of Jack’s old CIA aliases, Jack finds himself in jeopardy when “Duke’s” old enemies resurface looking for revenge.


Airdate: Feb. 2, 2018
Writer: Marqui Jackson
Director: Stephen Herek

Guest Cast:
Michael Des Barres (Nicholas Helman), David Dastmalchian (Murdoc), Michael Michele (Diane Davis), Anthony Starke (Henry Fletcher), Kate Bond (Jill Morgan), Brady Bond (Cassian), Parker Wierling (Teenage Geek)

After one of Murdoc’s go-to assassins agrees to hand over Murdoc to MacGyver in exchange for $10 million, the team finds itself protecting Murdoc from his former mentor, Nicholas Helman, who wants him dead.


Airdate: Mar. 2, 2018
Writer: Justin Lisson
Director: Eagle Egilsson

Guest Cast:
Billy Baldwin (Elwood Davis), Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin), Kate Bond (Jill Morgan), Edin Gali (Omar), Charlotte McKinney (Mia), Pasha Lychnikoff (Boris), Ilana (Server)

MacGyver, Leanna, Riley and Bozer pose as honeymoon couples at a resort in order to gain information about a Serbian war criminal from his newly married son while Bozer wonders if Matty knows about his relationship with Leanna, and Jack recruits Elwood (Billy Baldwin) to help him break into Matty’s home.


Airdate: Mar. 9, 2018
Writer: Nancy Kiu
Director: Steve Adelson

Guest Cast:
David Piggott (Sergei Neilschuk), David Garelik (Mikhail), Neal Kodinsky (Dmitry Pavlovich), Martin Harris (Virgil Kahn), Gleb Kaminer (Thug)

Mac, Jack and Riley set out to find a mobster-turned-informant after he’s kidnapped and taken to Chernobyl by an international crime boss who’s worried he will deliver incriminating information to the CIA while Bozer struggles to keep a secret from Matty.


Airdate: Mar. 30, 2018
Writer: Lindsey Allen
Director: Antonio Negret

Guest Cast:
Sheryl Lee Ralph (Mama Colton), Lance Gross (Billy Colton), Jermaine Rivers (Frank Colton), Javicia Leslie (Jesse Colton), Lowrey Brown (Emil Beck), Jesse Luken (Owen Palmer), Park Krausen (Buyer), Wendie Weldon (Cindy), Joel Rush (Darryl), Marianne Fraulo (Ruth), Carl Kennedy (Phoenix Tech), Jeff Williams (Captain), Valerie Sue Love (Flight Attendant), Robert Catrini (Lawrence Rowell), Steven Legate (Officer), Ethan McDowell (Guard # 1)

When Matty and the team search for a former government tech who stole classified intel and has been evading capture, they reunite with the Coltons, the family of bounty hunters, who are pursuing the same man for different reasons.


Airdate: Apr. 6, 2018
Story: Andrew Klein
Teleplay: Andrew Karlsruher
Director: Sharat Raju

Guest Cast:
Amy Smart (Dawn), Greg Alan Williams (Julian Halsey), Kenneth Trujillo (Agent Alvarez), Allie McColloch (Caroline Grant), Ashton Leigh (Assistant), Cory Scott Allen (Leon), Kate Bond (Jill Morgan), Megan McFarland (Sonia), Ricky Catter (Peruvian Cop)

As Mac and the team investigate the suspicious death of Dawn’s (Amy Smart) CIA supervisor, the evidence leads to a dirty CIA agent and a massive counterfeiting ring.


Airdate: Apr. 13, 2018
Writers: Brian Durkin & Joshua Brown
Director: Peter Weller

Guest Cast:
Edward Asner (Saul), Piper Laurie (Edith), Elisha Henig (Ethan Jericho), Raphael Sbarge (Ralph Jericho), Kurt Yue (Pilot), Dango Nu Yen (Driver), Felix Alonzo (Perez)

Mac and Jack attempt to rescue a billionaire’s son after he is kidnapped by a former Navy SEAL who uses an EMP weapon to cut off power and communication lines to the Shanghai skyscraper where the boy lives.


Airdate: Apr. 20, 2018
Writer: Executive Producer Lee David Zlotoff
Director: Mike Martinez

Guest Cast:
Kamar De Los Reyes (Captain Delarosa), Diogo Morgado (Carlos), Marc Menchaca (Booth), Michael Aaron Milligan (Pike), Ana Ayora (Kamila), Ava Davila (Adriana), Rose Bianco (Valeria), Erica Page (Lucy), Todd Jenkins (Ash), Xaveria Baird (Dean), Vas Sanchez (Jorge Villareal), Jorge Ferragut (Cop), Denise Santos (Officer) , Isabel De La Cruz (Cora), Van Dron (Bad Guy)

While MacGyver is in Puerto Rico helping his friend rebuild his hurricane-damaged home, he is taken hostage in the bank his friend manages when robbers attempt to steal $2 million.


2-22 UFO + AREA 51
Airdate: Apr. 27, 2018
Story: Marqui Jackson
Teleplay: Lindsey Allen and Nancy Kiu
Director: Ericson Core

Guest Cast:
Arye Gross (Dr. Isaac Herman), Greg Perrow (Travis Long), Joshua Childs (NASCAR Pit Crew), Michael Bisping (Porter), Erik Bello (Cobb), Alex Solowitz (Brazel), Christopher Frontiero (Marcel), Lloyd Pitts (Gate Guard)

Mac and Riley are attacked by a group of masked men after the government calls them in to examine a mysterious object that crash-landed in the Nevada desert. Also, Riley uncovers new information about Mac’s father but questions whether to deliver it to him after he says he needs to move on.


Airdate: May 4, 2018
Writers: Executive Producers Craig O’Neill and David Slack
Director: Stephen Herek

Guest Cast:
Tate Donovan (Oversight), Billy Baldwin (Elwood Davis), Lance Gross (Billy Colton), Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin), M. Serrano (Grillo), Brad William Henke (Jonah Walsh), Marco Rodriguez (Luis Gomez), Cristian Gonzales (Cartel Guard # 1), Javier Vazquez, Jr. (Cartel Guard # 3), Stephan Jones (Assassin), Bobby Hernandez (Muscular Lookout)

MacGyver gets a shocking surprise when he tries to tell Matty that he’s quitting the Phoenix Foundation.

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