Behind the Scenes

Filming Locations

Shooting locations of all 7 seasons plus the 2 movies. […]

Behind the Scenes

Reboot Knife

This Victorinox SwissChamp knife engraved with the new MacGyver logo and Season 1 was given to cast and crew as an Christmas present. […]

Behind the Scenes

100th Episode Knife

As part of the 100th episode celebrations all cast and crew of MacGyver where issued with a specially printed 11 function Swiss Army Knife […]

Behind the Scenes

Recurring Actors

A list of actors who have appeared as different characters during MacGyver’s 7 year run. […]

Behind the Scenes

MacGyver 360

Cast and crew say thanks to the fans. […]

Behind the Scenes

Recast Characters

Throughout the series there have been several characters who where played by different actors in different episodes. […]


Behind The Scenes Photos

Take a photographic look behind the scenes of MacGyver 1985 – 1991 […]

Behind the Scenes

Young MacGyver: Credits

Full credits listing of the ‘Young MacGyver’ TV show. […]

Behind the Scenes

Young MacGyver

Young MacGyver was a planned spin-off of the MacGyver TV show. […]

Behind the Scenes

Production Credits

The full list of show production credits. […]