Behind the Scenes

Filming Locations

Shooting locations of all 7 seasons plus the 2 movies.

Behind the Scenes

Reboot Knife

This Victorinox SwissChamp knife engraved with the new MacGyver logo and Season 1 was given to cast and crew as an Christmas present.

Behind the Scenes

100th Episode Knife

As part of the 100th episode celebrations all cast and crew of MacGyver where issued with a specially printed 11 function Swiss Army Knife

Behind the Scenes

Recurring Actors

A list of actors who have appeared as different characters during MacGyver’s 7 year run.

Behind the Scenes

Recast Characters

Throughout the series there have been several characters who where played by different actors in different episodes.


Behind The Scenes Photos

Take a photographic look behind the scenes of MacGyver 1985 – 1991

Behind the Scenes

Production Credits

The full list of show production credits.


MacGyver Tribute Band

Phoenix Foundation is a four member MacGyver tribute band from Norway who write and perform their own songs based on MacGyver episodes.

Behind the Scenes

Name The Album

Name The Album was a competition run by Norwegian MacGyver tribute band, ‘Phoenix Foundation’. 

Behind the Scenes

MacGyver Houseboat Gets Makeover

The floating home used as MacGyver’s ‘Houseboat’ in the iconic 80’s TV series has been given a new lease of life by its new owner Kevin Hill.