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All seasons and episodes of MacGyver are now available on DVD in both individual season sets and a full series box set.

Both made-for-TV movies have also been released, as well as a Fan Favorites compilation disc consisting of the top 5 episodes voted by fans in a Facebook poll.

Since the first release date there have been various packs of episodes sets released, including one with all 7 seasons. Other notable packs were the first 3, 4 and 5 season packs.

Season 1 of the 2016 reboot is also now available on DVD.

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Release Dates

Jan 25, 2005
Jun 7, 2005 Sep 6, 2005 Dec 6,2005 Mar 14,206
Jun 13,2006
Oct 24,2006 Oct 17, 2007 Jun 15,2010 Mar 6,2012
  Apr 7, 2015   Mar 1, 2018  




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