Note: Both movies where filmed in England, UK.

Airdate: 14 May 1994
Writer: John Sheppard
Director: Michael Vejar
Supporting Cast: Geoffrey Beevers as the Academy Director, Brian Blessed as Atticus, Christian Burgess as Lord Cleeve, Oliver Ford Davies as Professor Carson, George Jackos as the Sergeant, Kevork Malikyan as Zavros, Andreas Markos as the Greek Doctor, Barry McCormick as the Detective, Hugh Quarshie as Inspector Rhodes, Sophie Ward as Kelly Carson, Tim Woodward as Colonel Petrovic.

MacGyver teams up with his archaeology professor, and an old friend to search for the legendary treasure of Atlantis, but an enterprising Englishman and his partner want the treasure for other reasons.

Nielsen Ratings: 9.1 rating / 17 share / 2nd (unknown for the week)


Airdate: 24 November 1994
Writer: John Considine
Director: Charles Correll
Supporting Cast: Beatie Edney as Natalia, Peter Egan as Frederick, Alun Armstrong as Capshaw, Bob Sherman as Anthony Graves, Lena Headley as Elise Moran, Nicholas Farrell as Paul Moran, Robert Gwilym as Nikolai, Michael Cronin as Dr. Massey.

In England, MacGyver investigates the mystery of his friend’s murder and discovers a secret nuclear weapons facility in the process.

Nielsen Ratings: 8.9 rating / 17 share / 2nd (unknown for the week)



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