The Eraser

Episode:  024 (S2.E02)

Production No.: 40192-023

Airdate:  29 September 1986

Director: Paul Krasny

Writer:  Stephen Kronish

Nielsen Ratings:  14.0 rating / 22 share / 2nd (49th for the week)



Believing that he is helping a father find his son, MacGyver inadvertently leads a reluctant hitman to his target.



Richard Dean Anderson MacGyver
Dana ElcarPete Thornton
Joe SantosJimmy ‘The Eraser’ Kendall 
Morgan Stevens… Michael Simmons
Richard Jamison… Ralph
Henry Jones… Charles ‘Papa Chuck’ Banning
Leigh Lombardi… Linda
April Jayne… Bartender
Scott Wilkinson… East German
Lenny Hicks… Ballplayer
Nick Dimitri… Sal
Burt Marshall… Banning’s Guard
Lindsay Parker… Grand daughter
Michael Francis Kelly… Hockey Player
Thomas Babson… Referee



  • Used power cable from a desk lamp to short a keypad combination lock
  • Rewired car phone to lock the car’s doors on incoming call.
  • Used a metal tube, rag, & gas to make a “torpedo”
  • Faked Jimmy’s death with mirrors, Mylar and red paint
  • Used foil & a comb to simulate police siren





  • Dreams are important, because otherwise, sleep is just eight hours of nothin’. ~ Jimmy Kendall
  • Linda sweetheart, the car will go now.. I suggest you go with it.  ~ MacGyver 
  • Office hours are over Pete. Loosen your tie and grab a yogurt. ~ MacGyver
  •  If this works, it’ll keep us from gettin’ caught. If it doesn’t, it’ll keep us from gettin’ old. ~MacGyver



  • When staying at MacGyver’s apartment, Jimmy says he spent two weeks in professional baseball. The computer readout of Jimmy’s file says he spent three years in professional baseball. Later, after he has been exposed, he and MacGyver still refer to this two weeks of experience in professional baseball (Jimmy says he was the team bus driver).



Ice Skating Rink
Culver City Ice Arena
4545 Sepulveda Blvd,
Culver City, CA
Money Pickup Point
368 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles,
Vectrocon Systems
The Standard Downtown Hotel
550 S Flower St,
Los Angeles CA
Brownstone Hotel
427 E. 5th Street,
Los Angeles CA
Car Yard
Culver City Volvo
3939 Tracy St,
Los Angeles, CA
Baseball Field
John Marshall High Baseball Field
3939 Tracy St,
Los Angeles, CA
421 W Pico Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA



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