MiniMac Visits The Griffith Observatory

MiniMac visits MacGyver’s first and most famous home.


KIVA Laboratories

A state of the art high security building built by the Sendrex Corporation to handle classified research.


Jim Taylor

Captain Jim Taylor was rescued by MacGyver after his plane crashed in the Central Asian Highlands.


Ed Ganter

Ed Ganter worked for the US agency responsible for hiring MacGyver to rescue two scientist trapped in an underground lab.


Charlie Burke

Dr. Charlie Burke was the director of the KIVA Laboratories in Bannon, New Mexico at the time an explosion ripped through the facility.


Sidney Marlowe

Dr. Sidney Marlowe, was considered an expert in the field of magnetic fields in the ozone layer and was a friend and colleague of Dr. Carl Steubens.


Carl Steubens

Dr. Carl Steubens was a Nobel Prize candidate scientist employed by the Sendrex Corporation to work at the KIVA Laboratories complex


Central Asia

MacGyver followed Jack Dalton in to Kabulstan on a search for a fountain of youth but found himself battling nuclear terrorists instead.


Barbara Spencer

Barbara Spencer worked as an assistant to Dr. Carl Steubens at the KIVA Laboratories when an unexplained explosion ripped through the lower levels of the complex.


Bannon, New Mexico

Bannon is the scene of the KIVA Laboratories explosion which MacGyver was