Stepping Out Instead Of Back

BY: MacBeth

Here’s another aspect of MacGyver that’s a central one for me: the idea of stepping up to a problem instead of stepping away from it. Believing that, if there’s a chance you might be able to do something to help, you do — or at least, you try. You don’t take over other people’s problems or enable them in helplessness (well, you try not to!), but you do try to help.

It’s the idea of seeing someone in trouble, and running towards them instead of running away. Maybe it isn’t always the smartest thing, but it’s a better default reaction than the opposite.

If you believe that the resources that are always around you are “enough” — enough for your purpose, or at least enough to make an attempt worth trying — then you are never helpless.

What does Mac keep saying when he’s asked if something will work? “I don’t know.” Then he finds out.


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