SAKs Used In Each Episode

The below list shows the Swiss Army Knives which have been identified as being used in each episode. 
Note: Unless specified otherwise all SAKs are Victorinox brand.



Knife used

Pilot    Tinker small
The Golden Triangle  Tinker small
Thief of Budapest  Tinker small
The Gauntlet  GAMBIT: Wenger Handyman  MAIN: Tinker 
The Heist  Executive
Trumbo’s World  Golfer Original / Wenger Pocketmate
Last Stand  Executive / Tinker
Hellfire  Tinker / Executive
The Prodigal  Tinker small
Target MacGyver  Tinker / Standard
Nightmares  Tinker
Deathlock  Tinker small
Flame’s End  Wenger Classic 11 / Tinker
Countdown  Executive
The Enemy Within  Tinker
Every Time She Smiles  Executive
To Be a Man  Camper
Ugly Duckling  Executive
Slow Death  Camper
The Escape  None
A Prisoner of Conscience  Camper
The Assassin  None Used
The Human Factor  Unidentified 3 layer with corkscrew (Climber)
The Eraser  Standard
Twice Stung  Camper / Tinker
The Wish Child  Camper
Final Approach  Climber / Camper
Jack of Lies  Fisherman
The Road Not Taken  Standard
Eagles  Climber
Silent World  Spartan
Three For the Road  Camper / Climber
Phoenix Under Siege  Spartan
Family Matter  None used
Soft Touch  None used
Birth Day  None used
Pirates  Climber
Out in the Cold  Unidentified
Dalton, Jack of Spies  None
Partners  Unidentified
Bushmaster  None used
Friends  None used
D.O.A.: MacGyver  Mountaineer / Huntsman
For Love or Money  Huntsman
Lost Love (1)  Sportsman
Lost Love (2)  Sportsman
Back From the Dead  Unidentified
Ghost Ship  None used
Fire and Ice  Recruit Economy
GX-1  Recruit Economy
Jack in the Box  Recruit Economy
The Widowmaker  Recruit Economy
Hell Week  Recruit Economy
Blow Out  Standard
Kill Zone  Super Tinker
Early Retirement  Recruit Economy
Thin Ice  None used
The Odd Triple  None used
The Negotiator  None used
The Spoilers  Recruit Economy
Mask of the Wolf  Recruit Economy
Rock the Cradle  None used
The Endangered  Recruit Economy
Murderer’s Sky  Recruit Economy
The Secret of Parker House  Standard
Blood Brothers  Tinker
The Outsiders  None used
On a Wing and a Prayer  Standard
Collision Course  Unidentified
The Survivors  Super Tinker or Tinker / Unidentified
Deadly Dreams  Spartan / Unidentified
Ma Dalton  Standard
Cleo Rocks  Standard
Fraternity of Thieves  None Used
The Battle of Tommy Giordano  Standard / unidentified 2 layer (with tweezers)
The Challenge  None Used
Runners  Picnicker
Gold Rush  111mm
The Invisible Killer  Picnicker
Brainwashed  None used
Easy Target  Picnicker
Renegade  Recruit Economy
Unfinished Business  None used
The Legend of the Holy Rose (1)  unidentified
The Legend of the Holy Rose (2)  None used
The Black Corsage  Tinker or Tinker small
Cease Fire  Tinker
Second Chance  None used
Halloween Knights  Unidentified
Children of Light  111mm
Black Rhino  Unidentified
The Ten Percent Solution  111mm
Two Times Trouble  None Used
The Madonna  Unidentified
Serenity  Spartan Hardwood
Live and Learn  None
Log Jam  Unidentified
The Treasure of Manco  Unidentified
Jenny’s Chance  None used
Deep Cover  Unidentified
The Lost Amadeus  Unidentified
Hearts of Steel  Unidentified
Rush to Judgment  Standard
Passages  None used
Tough Boys  Tinker small
Humanity Spartan  /  Tinker  /  Standard
The Gun  Standard
Twenty Questions  None used
The Wall  None used
Lesson in Evil  Standard
Harry’s Will  Adventurer
MacGyver’s Women  None used
Bitter Harvest  Standard
The Visitor  Unidentified
Squeeze Play  None used
Jerico Games  None used
The Wasteland  Unidentified
Eye of Osiris  Standard
High Control  Spartan
There But For the Grace  Unidentified
Blind Faith  None used
Faith, Hope & Charity  None used
Strictly Business  Climber (with reverse shield)
Trail of Tears  None used
Hind-Sight  None used
Honest Abe  None used
The ‘Hood  None used
Obsessed  Spartan / Tourist
The Prometheus Syndrome  Unidentified
The Coltons  None used
The Walking Dead  Climber or Camper
Good Knight MacGyver (1)  Compact
Good Knight MacGyver (2)  Compact
Deadly Silents  Spartan
Split Decision  None used
Gunz ‘N Boyz  Spartan
Off the Wall  Spartan
The Stringer  Imitation SAK made by Barlow
The Mountain of Youth None Used
Trail to Doomsday  None Used
Lost Treasure of Atlantis Hiker / Super Tinker

Thanks to the forum members who compiled and continue to work on this list.

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  1. Hi,
    thanks for your web sites. Great job. I have seen the episode “Friends” today. The were a knife used – some unidentified type of Wenger. So please check it!

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