MacGyver and the new Citan

MacGyver and the new Citan is a 3 part web series filmed to promote the Mercedes-Benz Citan van. (You can watch all 3 episodes together in the above video)

Aimed primarily at the German market the series was  filmed over 6 days in Johannesburg, South Africa during July 2012, and sees Richard Dean Anderson reprise his role as a now-retired MacGyver running a home repairs business with his daughter, when a last-minute Saturday job to fix a buildings air conditioning turns into a mission to stop criminals selling top-secret military equipment.

The first introduction of the series was via a promotional trailer on Aug. 14, 2012 with the Mercedes-Benz Vans YouTube channel running a “MacGyver take over” and was followed by a behind the scenes segment on Sept 7 along with exclusive sneak previews, movie poster advertising and TV commercials all leading up to the first episode’s release on Sept 18 on it’s own website which contained a unique “Easter egg” – a link to the website of ‘Mac’s Pro Repairs’, from where people who called the promoted number would receive a signed movie poster.

Other promotions included the first test drivers of the new van at sales yards receiving a Swiss Army Knife signed by RDA along with posters, DVD copies of the web series and Mercedes-Benz branded chewing gum.

The series had made automobile headlines around the world within days of its release and has generated over 800,000 Google hits and 6 million page impressions and was met with mostly good reviews from fans happy to see RDA reprising his role and renewing speculation about RDA being able to do a movie or more episodes. Criticisms focused mostly around non-canon elements such as MacGyver’s old boss Don and the “agency” as well as the introduction of a daughter, although these were minor quips.

As with all new MacGyver projects, the commercials had to be vetted and approved by MacGyver creator and owner, Lee David Zlotoff, to ensure the appropriate use of the character. From there a photoshoot was done in February with the commercials being filmed in South Africa in early July 2012.

Production companyMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
AdvertiserDaimler AG/ Mercedes-Benz Vans
Promotion AgencySyzygy Ag
Ad AgencyLukas Lindemann Rosinski
CEOArno Lindemann , Bernhard Lukas
ProducerCornelius Roenz, Hanna Duin, Hermann Krug
DirectorMarkus Walter
Creative DirectorJakob Kriwat
Art DirectorDamian Kuczmierczyk, David Hansmeyer, Dennis Mensching
Dir. Of PhotographyThomas Kuerzl
CopywriterHenry Bose
EditorSoeren Goerth, Nils Landmark
SoundGeorg Hahn, Thomas Nitzsche
Music Kristian Nord
ReleasedOctober 2012


Richard Dean Anderson.. MacGyver
Megan Maddocks… Caitlin
Paul Ditchfield… Don
Linde Benade… Cleaning Lady
Neil Bennet… Thug Code
Henrik V.D. Berg… Buyer
Clyde Berning… Thug-right hand
Anthony Bishop… Leader
Frank Brummer… Passed out Military Extra
Michael De Pina… Building Manager
April Edwards… Passed out Military Extra
Miguel Ferreira… Security ID
Wayne Harrison… Thug
Dion Hung… Security Scanner
Lawrence Joffe… Thug
Leon Kinnear… Security Passed Out
Michael Kirch… Nervous
Tracy Korsen… Cleaning Lady
Tracie Lubie… Cleaning Lady
Adeline Makae… Passed out Military Extra
Farzana Modan… Cleaning Lady
Vuvu Nyangwa… Cleaning Lady
Princelene Onyido… Cleaning Lady
Pierre-Andre Retief… Thug 11-Stunt
Gérard Rudolf… Buyer
Jaun Schafer… Thug 8
Stuart Sedgwick… Thug 10-Stunt
Terence Teraine… Thug 6
Charles van der Merwe… Thug 7
Gordon van der Spuy… Thug
Elloise van Rensberg… Cleaning Lady









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