Last Stand

Episode:  007

Production No.: 40191-006

Airdate:   17 November 1985

Director:  John Florea

Writer:    Judy Burns

Nielsen Ratings:  15.8 rating / 22 share / 3rd (36th overall)



While trying to find a lake he and his father once fished at as a child, MacGyver stumbles into a hostage situation at a small private airstrip where a gang of criminals have stolen an armored truck full of money and are waiting at the airport for a charter flight so they can escape with the money.



Richard Dean AndersonMacGyver
Harry CaesarAl Tennyson
Steve FrankenWalt, the Pilot
Jackie Earle HaleyTurk
Art HindleDave Redding
Kay LenzKelly Nielson
Michael McGuireTerry Andrews
Anthony Pena   (as Anthony Penya)Elias
Lewis Van BergenBuddy




Made a thermite torch with a magnesium bicycle, iron rust and an emergency flare.

Made smoke bombs from fertilizer, chair upholstery, starting fluid, newspaper, duct tape, matches.

Used a fire hose as a water canon against bad guys.

Used a fire hose as a water canon against bad guys.

Melted ice with light bulb to run down make-shift ramp and refreeze inside the door lock breaking it open.

Used a remote controlled airplane to deliver a smoke bomb soaked in olive oil.




  • The MacGyverism of using the bike to make the thermite torch was sent into the show by an 11-year-old girl.
  • This was the first episode to be filmed without an opening gambit
  • The plane in this episode is the same plane Richard Dean Anderson is leaning on in the opening credits as his name appears on the screen.
  • The planes tail number is N3807S
  • The call sign used by the pilot of the plane when he called in to report an electrical fault was Baron Zero Seven Sierra.
  • MacGyver can’t fly helicopters
  • At the start of the episode, MacGyver is driving a Jeep Grand Wagoneer.



  • I can’t stand in judgment of you Dave; I’m not perfect… yet – MacGyver
  • What’s that? – Turk
    Lateral Cranial Impact Enhancer *whack* – MacGyver
  • I won’t even ask why they’re going to run outside – Kelly
    Faith my dear – MacGyver
  • I’ll cut through that door like a hot knife through butter. – MacGyver
  • Let’s not fight over me boys – MacGyver
  • This is one of those times when you go one way or the other and the rest of your life depends on which way you went – Elias
  • I can’t fly that chopper – Dave
    You won’t fly it. And that’s different – Kelly
  • They killed a man. I give a damn about that – MacGyver



  • MacGyver extinguishes the thermite torch (used to open the armored car) by pushing the end into the dirt. This wouldn’t work as thermite reactions use the oxygen from the metal oxide, not the air.
  • When Macs making the fertilizer bombs we see him take the engine start off the shelf twice (same shot). but in between these shots, it’s clearly seen on the bench beside him.
  • When Mac gets the R/C plan down in the diner his shirt is dark green with Chinese type collar. When he runs outside with the plane his shirt has suddenly changed to a light purple shirt with a normal collar.
  • The coffee mug with HELP written in it changes colors from white and light yellow between camera angles



Road to Sparrow Ridge Airport
Vasquez Rocks
Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, CA
Sparrow Ridge Airport
Agua Dulce Airpark
33638 Agua Dulce Canyon Rd,
Santa Clarita, CA



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