The Enemy Within

Episode:  015

Production No.: 40191-015

Airdate: 12 February 1986

Writer: David Abramowitz

Director: Cliff Bole

Nielsen Ratings:  14.9 rating / 22 share / 2nd (46th overall)



MacGyver is on the hunt for a mole inside the DXS who has betrayed four agents to their deaths while protecting a defector who can help identify the traitor.



Richard Dean AndersonMacGyver
Dana Elcar Pete Thornton
Viktoriya Fyodorova… Viktoria Tomanova
Michael Goodwin Craig Bannister
Lynn-Holly Johnson… Ingrid Bannister
Beau Starr… GRU Agent Lem
Douglas Dirkson… Reverend Mather
Arthur Malet… Ed (Pathologist)
Richard Balin… Fritz
Adam Gregor… Jaeger
Gene Bori… German Captain



Reattached brake line and used
steering fluid to fill an
empty brake cylinder.

Made nylon with Adipic acid,
Iron filings, and

Made a “mind relaxer” using a
mirror, wire frame, and
spiral-painted ashtray.

Used Sonic cleaner to
smash gunman’s glasses.

Made defibrillator from
candlesticks and cable from the
microphone amplifier.



  • MacGyver reveals in his opening monologue that his assignments are all expenses paid and he gets to stay in luxury hotels.
  • In the scene with the pathologist we can see a cast on RDA’s wrist. He broke it during a celebrity skiing tournament and the cast was incorporated into the story or disguised during the next two episodes, but in this episode it is briefly visible in that one scene, which may indicate the scene was re-shoot after initial filming had finished.
  • The “Kareem” and ‘Skyhook” passwords used by MacGyver and Jaeger refer to legendary basketballer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s signature shoot – the Skyhook.
  • MacGyver appears to know some German. It’s unclear if he was intentionally speaking rubbish to confuse the guards or if that’s the limit of what he knows however.
    Mac says: “Esel! Ich bin ein Soviet officer. Und wir muss gehen zu dem Hause, bitte, fur es gehe eine Freunde sind there in the appelsuss… or in der Flugplatz. Und Sie is meinen Frau.”
    Translation: “Idiot! I am a Soviet officer. And we have to go to the house, please, for one of our friends is there in the applesuss… or at the airfield. And she is my wife.”
  • Viktoria calls MacGyver a “bolvan” – pronounced Bahlvahn. (болван) This is a Russian word meaning dummy or fool.
  • Pete Thornton is the new Executive Director of Operations at the DXS.
  • MacGyver is packing up his Venice Beach apartment to move to “a great new house down on the beach” but the next house we see him in is the hardware store loft in season 2.
  • We learn that MacGyver doesn’t like formal parties and hates ties.
  • MacGyver turns down an offer of alcohol twice in this episode cementing his dislike of drinking.
  • The external hospital scene was filmed at the same building used as the DXS office building.
  • During one of the takes with the robot serving drinks, the robot got hung up on a cord under the carpet and launched the sparkling cider at actress Lynn Holly Johnson. The entire set froze not knowing how she would react…..she laughed and the crew brought out hair dryers to dry her dress.



  • We’re going to the border alright – in pieces!  -Bannister
  • When you think about it, I take on a lot of jobs nobody else would want. The question is — why do I want them? -MacGyver
  • Ever think about making a living as a hood ornament?  -Bannister
  • This is useless to talk to this Bolvin. Let us go. -Viktoria
    Bolvan?  -MacGyver
  • I mean, this man’s idea of black tie is a dirty shoelace. -Bannister, about MacGyver
  • Pete put the arm on me. – MacGyver
    Must have taken a whole lot of drugs and torture.  -Bannister teasing MacGyver about wearing a tux
    Will you stop it? – MacGyver
  • You saved my life. The Chinese say if someone saves your life, you’re in debt to them forever.  -Viktoria
    Strange folk, the Chinese. They also call their beautiful children ugly for fear the gods will punish them for the sin of pride. If we were in China, I’d be obligated to call you the ugliest woman in the world.   -MacGyver
  • John Wayne could not have done it better.  -Viktoria
  • Good clarity. Nice legs. Good bouquet. Go with a nice fish. You’re losing weight Robert.  – MacGyver to the drinks robot
  • Not a word one. You company boys are all alike.  -MacGyver
  • You must learn not to be defeated so easily Mr. MacGyver  -Viktoria



  • The car Bannister is driving with no brakes is supposed to be Russian, but when we see the engine it has English writing.
  • When the camera angle changes while MacGyver is climbing out onto the front of the car, the blue light disappears from the top of the car.
  • In the opening scenes MacGyver catches the shotgun cartridge in his right hand. Then the angle changes and he’s holding it in his left hand.



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  1. Not necessarily a nitpick but it’s curious that Bannister is wearing a wedding ring when he rescues Mac in Act I, but he is not wearing it for the rest of the episode.

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