Craig Bannister

Craig Bannister is a field operative for the DXS and good friend of MacGyver. Their first adventure together saw him sent in to provide backup to MacGyver when Pete became worried that a security leak within the DXS could compromise MacGyver’s assignment. Bannister worked closely with MacGyver and Pete to investigate the internal leak within the department, but it turned out that the leak was actually Bannister himself, being subliminally controlled by his wife, Ingrid, who turned out to be a G.R.U (Russian military intelligence) agent working under cover. Bannister was nearly killed when Ingrid was found out as she triggered a device which caused banister to have a heart attack. 

After Ingrid was exposed, Bannister continued to work for the DXS at their Washington DC headquarters even after Pete and MacGyver moved on to the Phoenix Foundation. 

Banister later worked with MacGyver and Pete on a joint mission to retrieve evidence to link a major drug dealer to the flow of cocaine into the U.S.

The Enemy Within


Michael W. Goodwin
Pete Thornton
Ingrid Bannister


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