Black was an associate and right-hand-man of assassin-for-hire, Axminster, who had been hired to eliminate MacGyver after he was identified destroying a Middle Eastern nuclear facility.  After being told about the hit from his boss, Barney, MacGyver decided to go to Colorado for a long overdue visit with his grandfather, Harry Jackson.

Black was responsible for tapping MacGyver’s phone messages and tracing his location to the small town of Ouray, Colorado, where he joined Axminster and his team as they set out to eliminate MacGyver and his grandfather. However, MacGyver and Harry proved a formidable opponent as they eliminated six of Axminster’s men leaving only Black and Axminster pursuing them.

Their chase eventually lead to the small deserted town of Evermore where, unbeknown to Black or Axminster, MacGyver and Harry had set up a series of booby traps which they used to mislead and fluster the pair leading to Harry eventually distracking black with exploding pine nuts allowing him enough time to knock him out with a blow to the head with a piece of timber.  Soon after MacGyver was able to get Axminster into position under a boobytrapped balcony where he knocked out the half sawed support causing the balcony to crash down on Axminster and knock him unconscious as well.


Target MacGyver


D’Mitch Davis


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