Chris Rhodes

Chris is the daughter of Senator Rhodes and first met MacGyver when he was hired to help her recover $60 million worth of diamonds which had been stolen from her father’s African famine relief fund by his accountant.

Her father had raised the money while he was Chairman of the Famine Aid Committee and hired accountant Daniel Sims to administrate the funds, but he instead stole the money and converted it to diamonds which he intended to sell to Jack Cailin in the Virgin Islands. Catlin, however, killed Sims and kept the diamonds for himself.

Chris had been in working in Africa as part of the Peace Corps service at the time, but when she heard about the stolen funds her first-hand experience of the devastation the poverty and famine were causing led her to fly to the Virgin Islands to try and recover the stolen diamonds.

After all possible avenues had been exhausted in trying to recover the diamonds Chris’ father request help from MacGyver. When Chris met him at the airport she was surprised to find that he wasn’t the high-powered lawyer or ex-FBI agent she was expecting which lead her to be somewhat skeptical of MacGyver’s credentials, but when she concluded that he was a thief sent to steal the diamonds back her skepticism was quickly dispelled.

Using the intel Chris had already gathered she and MacGyver were able to devise a plan to get the diamonds back by breaking into Catlin’s private vault and dumping the diamonds down a drainpipe into their waiting car while Chris caused a distraction by creating a riot in the casino with a magnet and the sharp tip of a ring to sabotage the roulette, blackjack, and slot machine games. The distraction was successful, but Chris was caught by Catlin before she had a chance to get away.

With Catlin threatening to kill Chris, MacGyver was forced to deliver the car with the diamonds in the trunk which was then loaded aboard Catlin’s private plane along with MacGyver and Chris. They were able to escape with the diamonds by parachuting the car out of the back of the plane.


The Heist
Doran Clark

Senator Rhodes
Jack Cailin

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