Antonio Vasquez

General Antonio Vasquez, 2 star general and head of the secret police in San Sebastian, Central America, had intended to overthrow the government with the backing of his army, however he still needed guns, which he was planning to get through deported American criminal Dave Ryerson. The two of them had met to seal the deal but the meeting was interrupted when photojournalist Kate Connally and MacGyver were caught taking photos of them. They were able to escape but Vasquez immediately put the country into military “lock down” to prevent them from leaving with their photographic evidence.
Vasquez mobilized his forces to hunt down Kate and MacGyver as Ryerson continued to encourage the General that they would be able to capture MacGyver and Kate, but an unconvinced Vasquez promised Ryerson that if the pair escaped he wouldn’t deport Ryerson, he would instead destroy him. In spite of Vasquez best efforts and Ryerson’s continued optimism MacGyver and Kate were able to escape over the Mexican boarder with the photos and story, and Vasquez kept his promise to Ryerson.


The Gauntlet
Dave Ryerson
Kate Connally
Gregory Sierra


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