Bruno was Jana’s older brother, part of a gypsy family in Budapest where he would play the violin as part of their street performance to collect tips from passersby.

When Jana stole a watch from Nicolai Grodsky which contained Soviet intelligence information meant for MacGyver, she gave the watch to Bruno who sold it on to a gypsy fence named Reena. Bruno and his family became targets of the KGB, who wanted the watch back, and were promptly arrested and sent to Borza Prison for questioning to find the location of the watch. MacGyver and Jana quickly broke them out of prison, but then learned that Bruno had already sold the watch to Reena. The family helped MacGyver reacquired the watch from Reena and in return, MacGyver reluctantly agreed to help them escape and relocate to the US.

MacGyver and the gypsy family led Kossov, Inspector Messic, and the Hungarian police through the city of Budapest in three stolen Mini Cooper cars and eventually crossed the border into Austria where MacGyver arranged for Jana and her family to be processed for their trip to America.


Thief of Budapest
Nicolai Kossov
Jan Messic
Robert Hallak


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