Buddy was the designated pilot of Terry Andrews’ team which took over the Sparrow Ridge Airport holding Kelly Nielson, Dave Redding, and Al Tennyson hostage while they awaited the arrival of a chartered plane which they intended to hijack for their escape to Mexico with money they had stolen from an armored car in Dallas.  Dark and menacing, he carried an assault rifle as well as a knife in his boot and took pleasure in harassing Kelly and anyone who dared to defend her or to stand up to him. Andrews warned that for Buddy, killing is as necessary as breathing and that he shouldn’t be given any excuse.

Andrews and Buddy had taken over the Sparrow Ridge Airport as they awaited the arrival of a plane they had charted under the pretense of a fishing trip but intended to use for their escape to Mexico. Upon the team’s rendezvous at the airport, the Lonestar Armored Car, which was commandeered in Dallas and transported via Trans Allied Van Lines moving truck to the Sparrow Ridge Airport by Turk and Elias, was opened, and Buddy shot and killed the security guard who had been locked inside with the $8,211,600.

MacGyver stumbled into the hostage situation at the airport when he stopped to ask for directions, and he was forced to join the hostages where he was able to help calm the situation while figuring out a way to stop the criminals. When MacGyver knocked out Turk and Elias, Andrews realized that his plan was falling apart, and he and Buddy attempted to escape in the airplane, leaving the others behind. However, MacGyver prevented the airplane from taking off and apprehended Andrews and his team, holding them in custody until authorities could arrive.


Last Stand
Lewis Van Bergen
Terry Andrews


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