A former member of the Demons street gang, Breeze was introduced to the Challengers Club when his gang was framed for the murder of the clubs founder Booker Wilson. Breeze worked with his ex gang-mate turned Challengers member, Ray Collins, to help prove that a local racist was Bookers murderer. After the gang was cleared of the murder, Ray showed Breeze that the Challengers Club was a better alternative to selling crack and living the gang life.

As a Challengers Club member Breeze was able to express his concerns over environmental welfare, which he acquired as a kid, when he and friend Rudy Gibbs were sent away on a country camp. Breeze says he saw all the green grass and couldn’t get enough of it. He rolled down a hill 10 times a day just so he could smell the clean fresh grass and that started his concerns for protecting the planet, which he followed through with the “Save this Planet” expo held at the Challengers Club to make people aware of how they can help save the planet from pollution and waste.

While on his way to the expo Breeze found himself tangled up in the shooting of a police officer when he stopped to ask his old friend, Rudy Gibbs, what was going on, the police assumed that Breeze was part of the group and he was arrested and charged with Murder. He was subsequently bailed by a gun manufacturer and dealer who wanted to sell the antique gun which had been used to shoot the policeman and thought Breeze knew where the gun was. Fortunately MacGyver was able to get Breeze away from the gun dealer and convince him to tell the police who the real shooter was and then help track both him and the gun down.

Breeze continued to push his Save the Planet message and was pleased also to help the Phoenix Foundation launch their program for destroying criminal guns instead of selling them back into the community. He referred to guns as a different kind of pollution and commented that there’s no point saving the planet if there’s no-one here to enjoy it.


The Challenge
The Madonna
The Gun
Charles Andrew Payne




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