Episode:  036 (S2.E14)

Production  No.: 40192-036

Airdate: 02 February 1987

Writer: Rob Hedden

Director: James L. Conway

Nielsen Ratings:  14.8 rating / 22 share / 3rd (42nd for the week)



MacGyver is trapped inside an abandoned factory with a pregnant woman who’s being chased by her murderous husband.



Richard Dean Anderson MacGyver
Dana ElcarPete Thornton
Toni Kalem… Elaine Harryman
Joe Lambie… Andrew Harryman
David L. Crowley… Eric
Paul Drake… Mitch
J.E. Freeman… Karl
Bill Henderson… Gas Station Cashier
John M. Jackson… Police Sergeant
Rob Garrison… Patrol Officer
Ellen Gerken… Paramedic



  • Used old boat to block alley way.
  • Used high pressure water pipe as a water cannon to knock out bad guy.
  • Made ramp to get jeep out of pit with boards & barrels.
  • Lifted Jeep with boat crane.
  • Used bits of old cars and junk to camouflage and hide his jeep.
  • Soaked bag in some water sitting in an old tire to stop the helium from escaping through the bag material.
  • Made signal balloon with a bag, helium and signal flags.
  • Used fishing line tied across doorway to knock bad guy off his bike.


  • MacGyver still has the same messenger bag we see in the pilot  episode.
  • The scene where MacGyver lowers his jeep down left a dent on the front fender from where the strap pushed against it. This dent can be seen through out the rest of the series when they used that jeep in a scene.



  • MacGyver: There’s a pretty simple reason why fishermen get up at the crack of dawn: that’s when the fish get up.
  • Elaine: Something tells me I finally met the right man at the right time.
  • Elaine: Do you believe in fate, MacGyver? Well, I do. Whenever I do anything good, it turns out bad. And whenever I do anything bad, it turns out worse.
  • Elaine: Can’t wait to see how you’ll get us out of this pit.
    MacGyver: Me, too.
  • MacGyver: I think if you try hard enough and make the best of a situation, the situation won’t get the best of you.
  • Elaine: Are you ever wrong about anything?
    MacGyver: Never – well, once. Maybe twice.
  • Elaine: You just never give up, do you.
    MacGyver: No, ma’am, I don’t.
  • MacGyver: Good thing about boats: some of the stuff you find on ’em work just as well on land as they do on sea.
  • MacGyver: Desperation tends to make one sort of . . . flexible.
  • Elaine: I suppose I could keep her on a trial basis. You know, for a week or two?  (talking about the newborn baby)
    MacGyver: Yeah. A lot of people do that.



  • When MacGyver is driving into the warehouse area we can see his left break light is not working. In later scenes it’s working again.
  • In the scene where MacGyver makes a ramp to get out of the pit in the warehouse we can see the dent in the left fender made by the crane left scene later in the episode – indicating the scenes were filmed our of order



Gas Station
No longer exists
600 N Avalon Blvd,
Wilmington, CA
Abandoned Factory
Building No Longer Exists
S Henry Ford Avenue,
Long Beach CA


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