Production Credits

The full list of show production credits.


Directed by:     
Cliff Bole                   (15 episodes 1986-1988)
Chuck Bowman       (episode “Cleo Rocks”) (episode “Collision Course”) (episode “Kill Zone”)
Rob Bowman           (episode “Ma Dalton”)
Michael Caffey        (16 episodes 1989-1991)
Don Chaffey            (episode “Bushmaster”) (episode “The Escape”)
Richard A. Colla      (episode “Hellfire”) (as Richard Colla)
James L. Conway    (7 episodes 1986-1988)
Bill Corcoran           (episode “Children of Light”)
Charles Correll        (19 episodes 1986-1990)
Alan Crosland         (episode “Three for the Road”)
Dana Elcar               (episode “The Challenge”) (episode “The Invisible Killer”)
John Florea              (episode “Last Stand”)
William Gereghty     (19 episodes 1989-1992)
Bruce Seth Green    (episode “Flame’s End”)
Harry Harris            (episode “Live and Learn”)
Stan Jolley               (episode “Countdown”)
Lee H. Katzin         (episode “The Gauntlet”) (episode “Target MacGyver”) 
                              (episode “Thief of Budapest”) (episode “Trumbo’s World”)
Bruce Kessler         (episode “Pirates”)
Paul Krasny            (episode “Eagles”) (episode “The Eraser”) (episode “Twice Stung”)
Les Landau              (episode “Deadly Dreams”)
John Patterson        (episode “Thief of Budapest”)
Donald Petrie          (episode “The Golden Triangle”) (episode “Trumbo’s World”)
Ernest Pintoff          (episode “Target MacGyver”)
Michael Preece       (11 episodes 1989-1991)
Gilbert M. Shilton   (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”) (as Gilbert Shilton)
Alan Simmonds      (episode “Fire and Ice”)
Alexander Singer    (episode “Deathlock”) (episode “Family Matter”) 
                              (episode “Final Approach”) (episode “The Prodigal”)
Alan Smithee          (episode “The Heist”)
Paul Stanley            (episode “The Golden Triangle”)
Bob Sweeney         (episode “Dalton, Jack of Spies”)
Michael Vejar         (17 episodes 1987-1992)
Don Weis                (episode “Slow Death”)

Writing credits: (in alphabetical order)
David Abramowitz     writer (episode “The Enemy Within”) (episode “The Prodigal”)
Larry Alexander         story (episode “The Heist”)
Robin Bernheim         writer (episode “The Human Factor”)
Robert Bielak            story (episode “Renegade”)
Chuck Bowman         story (episode “The Road Not Taken”)
Joan Brooker            writer (episode “Soft Touch”)
Judy Burns                 opening gambit (episode “The Gauntlet”)
Judy Burns                 writer (episode “Last Stand”)
Marianne Clarkson    writer (episode “The Battle of Tommy Giordano”, “Unfinished Business”)
Calvin Clements Jr.    writer (episode “GX-1”, “Kill Zone”, “Mask of the Wolf”, “The Negotiator”)
Phil Combest             story (episode “Twice Stung”)
John Considine          writer (episode “Blind Faith”, “Good Knight MacGyver: Part 1”
                                 “Good Knight MacGyver: Part 2”, “There but for the Grace”)
Anthony DiMarco      writer (episode “Countdown”) (as Tony DiMarco)
Stephen Downing       opening gambit (episode “Thief of Budapest”)
Stephen Downing       writer (episode “The Coltons”, “Deadly Dreams”, “Legend of the Holy Rose: Part 1 & 2” 
Sally Drake                 writer (episode “The Ten Percent Solution”)
Tom Drake                 writer (episode “The Ten Percent Solution”)
Rick Drew                  teleplay (episode “The Secret of Parker House”)
Rick Drew                  writer (episode “Blood Brothers”, “Cleo Rocks”, “Easy Target”, “Jenny’s Chance”
                                 “Thin Ice”, “The Wall”)
Nancy Eddo               writer (episode “Soft Touch”)
David Engelbach       writer (episode “Gold Rush”)
Peter Filardi               writer (episode “The Endangered”)
Dennis Foley              writer (episode “The Golden Triangle”)
Bill Froehlich              teleplay (episode “The Wish Child”)
Bill Froehlich              writer (episode “Partners”) (episode “Twice Stung”)
Michael Greenburg    story (episode “The Coltons”)
Larry Gross                writer (episode “Ugly Duckling”)
Joseph Gunn               story (episode “Hell Week”)
Chris Haddock          writer (episode “Cease Fire”, “The Challenge”, “The Invisible Killer”, “Renegade”
                                 “The Treasure of Manco”)
Robert Hamner         writer (episode “The Wasteland”)
Gene Hanson            writer (episode “The Secret of Parker House”)
Rob Hedden             story (episode “Three for the Road”)
Rob Hedden             writer (episode “Birth Day”) (episode “Bushmaster”) (episode “Final Approach”)
Doug Heyes Jr.         writer (episode “For Love Or Money”)
Rick Husky                writer (episode “Fire and Ice”)
Stephen Kandel        opening gambit (episode “Trumbo’s World”)
Stephen Kandel        writer (multiple episodes 1985-1989)
Michael Kane           writer (episode “Bitter Harvest”)
David Ketchum        writer (episode “Countdown”)
Lincoln Kibbee        writer (6 episodes 1990-1991)
John I. Koivula        story (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”)
Stephen Kronish      story (episode “The Wish Child”)
Stephen Kronish      teleplay (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”) (episode “The Road Not Taken”)
Stephen Kronish      writer (episode “Back From the Dead”, “The Eraser”, “Friends”, “Out in the Cold”)
Brian Lane                story (episode “The Wish Child”)
Kerry Lenhart          story (episode “Mask of the Wolf”)
Kerry Lenhart          teleplay (episode “Three for the Road”)
Kerry Lenhart         writer (episode “Jack of Lies”) (episode “Out in the Cold”)
Mark Lisson           story (episode “Three for the Road”)
Mark Lisson           writer (episode “Partners”) (episode “Twice Stung”)
Jerrold L. Ludwig   writer (episode “Deathlock”) (episode “Lost Love”) (as Jerry Ludwig)
Lee Maddux           writer (episode “Log Jam”)
Paul A. Magistretti  writer (episode “Family Matter”)
Don Mankiewicz     Writer (episode “To Be A Man”)
Paul B. Margolis     writer (episode “The Black Corsage”, “Black Rhino”, “Collision Course”
                              “The Lost Amadeus”)
George Lee Marshall  writer (episode “Eagles”)
Mike Marvin           writer (episode “Target MacGyver”)
Fred McKnight       writer (episode “The Escape”)
Herman Miller         writer (episode “Murderers’ Sky”)
Rick Mittleman        writer (multiple episodes 1989-1992)
Leonard Mlodinow  writer (episode “Hell Week”)
W. Reed Moran      writer (episode “Blow Out”) (episode “Mask of the Wolf”) (episode “The Survivors”)
Terry Nation            opening gambit (episode “The Golden Triangle”, “Last Stand”, “Target MacGyver”)
                               (episode “Thief of Budapest”)
Thackary Pallor        writer (episode “MacGyver”)
Michelle Poteet Lisanti    writer (episode “The Outsiders”)
Brad Radnitz            writer (episode “Deadly Silents”, “Faith, Hope & Charity”, “The Mountain of Youth”,
                                “The Visitor”)
Anthony Rich            writer ?
David Rich                writer (episode “Jack in the Box”) (episode “Split Decision”)
Mark Rodgers         writer (episode “Walking Dead”)
Grant Rosenberg      teleplay (episode “The Wasteland”)
Grant Rosenberg      writer (episode “Fraternity of Thieves”)
Scott Rubenstein      writer (episode “Hell Week”)
John J. Sakmar        story (episode “Mask of the Wolf”)
John J. Sakmar        teleplay (episode “Three for the Road”)
John J. Sakmar        writer (episode “Dalton, Jack of Spies”) (episode “Jack of Lies”)
Paul Savage             story (episode “The Prodigal”)
James Schmerer       teleplay (episode “Hellfire”) (episode “Target MacGyver”)
James Schmerer       writer (episode “The Assassin”, “Every Time She Smiles”, “The Heist”, “Nightmares”)
Joel Schwartz           writer (episode “Runners”)
Hannah Louise Shearer    story (episode “Flame’s End”)
John Sheppard        teleplay (episode “Passages”) (episode “The Secret of Parker House”)
John Sheppard        writer (multiple episodes 1989-1992)
Robert Sherman      writer (multiple episodes 1989-1991)
Jaison Starkes         writer (episode “D. O. A.: MacGyver”)
Joe Viola                  writer (episode “Thief of Budapest”)
Art Washington       writer (episode “Gunz ‘n Boyz”) (episode “Squeeze Play”) (episode “Tough Boys”)
Douglas Brooks West      writer (episode “Hellfire”)
John Whelpley        teleplay (episode “The Widowmaker”)
John Whelpley        writer (episode “Early Retirement”, “Ma Dalton”, “On a Wing and a Prayer”,
                              “Rock the Cradle”)
Cathleen Young     writer (episode “The Madonna”)
Harv Zimmel          story (episode “The Widowmaker”)
Lee David Zlotoff   creator
Lee David Zlotoff   writer

Produced by:
Judy Burns    ….                   co-producer (1985)
Calvin Clements Jr.    ….     supervising producer (1987-1988)
Vin Di Bona    ….                line producer (season 1)
Vin Di Bona    ….                producer (pilot episode)
Stephen Downing    ….       co-executive producer (season 2)
Stephen Downing    ….      supervising producer (season 1)
Mel Efros    ….                   producer (pilot episode)
Mel Efros    ….                   supervising producer
Robert Frederick    ….      line producer (1990-1991)
Robert Frederick    ….      producer (season 7)
Bill Froehlich    ….             supervising producer (season 2)
Michael Greenburg    ….   producer (seasons 2-3)
Michael Greenburg    ….   supervising producer (seasons 4-7)
Robert Hargrove    ….      senior producer (season 1)
Hudson Hickman    ….     associate producer (season 3)
Hudson Hickman    ….     co-producer (season 5)
Hudson Hickman    ….     coordinating producer (season 4)
Victor Hsu    ….                producer (1986-1987)
Kevin Inch    ….                producer (3 episodes 1986)
Stephen Kandel    ….       co-producer (seasons 1 and 2)
Stephen Kandel    ….       producer (season 3)
Hal Klein    ….                  senior producer (1986)
Stephen Kronish    ….     co-producer (2 episodes 1987)
Mark Lisson    ….            producer (season 2)
Mark Lisson    ….            supervising producer
Jerrold L. Ludwig    ….   executive producer (season 1) (as Jerry Ludwig)
Paul B. Margolis    ….     producer (episode “Collision Course”)
Steven Milkis    ….           associate producer (seasons 1 and 2)
John B. Moranville    ….  associate producer (1988-1989)
John B. Moranville    ….  co-producer (season 6)
John B. Moranville    ….  coordinating producer (season 5)
John B. Moranville    ….  producer (season 7)
Terry Nation    ….            producer (6 episodes 1985)
Thomas R. Polizzi    ….   associate producer (seasons 5 and 6)
Thomas R. Polizzi    ….   coordinating producer (season 7)
John Rich    ….                executive producer
Stephen Sealy    ….        associate producer (episode “Lost Love: Part 1”) (episode “Lost Love: Part 2”)
John Sheppard    ….      co-producer (season 7)
Sara Thornberg    ….     associate producer (season 7)
John Whelpley    ….      co-producer (season 3)
John Whelpley    ….      producer (episode “On a Wing and a Prayer”)
Henry Winkler    ….      executive producer
Lee David Zlotoff    ….  producer

Original Music by:
Richard Dean Anderson        (song “Eau d’Leo” in episode “Negotiator, The (1988)”)
Bruce Babcock        
John E. Davis                        (episode “Rock the Cradle”)
Randy Edelman                     (1985-1987) (also theme)
Terry Frewer                        (song “Cleo Rocks”, episode “Cleo Rocks (1989)”)
Ken Harrison        
Dennis McCarthy                 (effect music: all seasons) (song “Cleo Rocks” in episode “Cleo Rocks (1989)” 
                                           and “Higher Life” in episode “Two Times Trouble (1989)”)
Michael Melvoin                  (episode “The Golden Triangle”) (as Mike Melvoin)
Michael Melvoin                  (episode “Thief of Budapest”) (as Mike Melvoin)
William Ross                        (7 episodes 1990-1991)

Cinematography by:
Donald H. Birnkrant        (episode “The Golden Triangle”, “Last Stand”, “Trumbo’s World”) (as Don Birnkrant)
Jules Brenner                    (episode “The Gauntlet”) (episode “Thief of Budapest”)
William Gereghty        
Don McCuaig                  (episode “Off the Wall”) (as Donald M. McCuaig)
Robert McLachlan          (episode “Hind-Sight”, “Trail of Tears”) (as Rob McLachlan)
Frank Raymond               (5 episodes 1985-1986)
Tony Westman                (seasons 4-6, 1988-1991)
Jack Whitman                  (season 7, 1991-1992)

Film Editing by:
Peter Basinski                 (episode “Good Knight MacGyver: Part 1”, “Honest Abe”, “The Mountain of Youth”,
                                     “Split Decision”)
Stuart Bass        
Tom Benko        
Ron Binkowski             (5 episodes 1991-1992) (season 7)
Howard Brock              (episode “The Golden Triangle”)
Howard Deane              (episode “For Love Or Money”, “Phoenix Under Siege”)
William Paul Dornisch   (episode “Early Retirement”, “The Negotiator”, “Rock the Cradle”, “Thin Ice”)
Robert Dorsett              (episode “Silent World”)
Michael Eliot                 (episode “Hell Week”) (as Mike Eliot)
Jana Fritsch                   (20 episodes in seasons 4-6, 1988-1991)
Grant Johnson               (episode “Thief of Budapest”)
Robert Lederman         (5 episodes season 3) (as Bob Lederman)
Patrick Lussier              (16 episodes 1989-1991)
Neil MacDonald          (as Neil C. MacDonald)
Pamela Malouf-Cundy (episode “Hellfire”, “Last Stand”, “Nightmares”, “Target MacGyver”) (as Pamela Malouf)
Rick Martin                  (episode “The Battle of Tommy Giordano”, “Blood Brothers”, “Collision Course”,
                                   “Deadly Dreams”)
Chip Masamitsu          (episode “Deadly Silents”, “The Hood”, “Off the Wall”, “Walking Dead”)
Larry L. Mills               (episode “Lost Love”) (as Larry Mills)
Bill Parker                    (episode “Hellfire”, “Last Stand”, “Nightmares”)
George Potter             (5 episodes in season 3)
Joe Ravetz                   (episode “Deathlock”) (episode “The Prodigal”)
Brad Rines                   (17 episodes in seasons 4-6, 1988-1991)
David Saxon                (1987-1988)
Jay Scherberth            (episode “Trumbo’s World”)
David Wages               (episode “Deathlock”), “The Prodigal”)
Peter V. White            (episode “The Gauntlet”) (as Peter White)
Ron Yoshida                (6 episodes in season 6, 1990-1991)
Marco Zappia        

Casting by:
Victoria Burrows        (seasons 4-6: 1988-1991)
Nan Dutton                 (season 2: 1986-1987)
Barbara Hanley          (season 3: 1987-1988)
Cathy Henderson       (season 3: 1987-1988)
Fiona Jackson            (season 3: 1987-1988)
Susanne McLellan      (seasons 4-6: 1988-1991)
Pam Polifroni              (1985)
Mark Tillman              (1989-1990, 1991-1992)

Production Design by:
Stan Jolley                   (1985)
Rex Raglan                  (1988-1992)

Art Direction by:
Robert J. Bacon          (1991-1992) (as Robb Bacon)
Stephen Myles Berger (episode “Good Knight MacGyver: Part 1& 2”) (as Stephen M. Berger)
William Hiney               (episode “For Love Or Money”, “Phoenix Under Siege”, “Silent World”)
Charles Leitrants         (39 episodes 1989-1991)
Kim Mooney        
Rex Raglan                  (season 3) (10 episodes 1987-1988)

Set Decoration by:
Bonnie Dermer           multiple episodes 1985-1986)
Dominique Fauquet-Lemaitre     (seasons 3-6: 1987-1991) (as D. Fauquet-Lemaitre)
Gregory Garrison       (episode “The Mountain of Youth”, “Off the Wall”,e “The Stringer”) (as Greg Garrison)
Chuck Pierce              (season 7) (sometimes as Charles Pierce)
Mary Swanson          (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”) (episode “Silent World”)
Bryan Thetford          (episode “Deathlock”) (episode “The Prodigal”) (episode “Trumbo’s World”)

Makeup Department:
Ian C. Ballard    ….     hair stylist (season 3) (as Ian Ballard)
Jamie Brown    ….      special makeup designer (episode “Kill Zone”)
David Dittmar    ….     makeup artist (episode “Deathlock”, “Hellfire”, “Nightmares”, “The Prodigal”,
                                  “Target MacGyver”) (as David A. Dittmar)
Tom Ellingwood    …. makeup artist (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”)
Lynn Del Kail    ….     hair stylist (10 episodes 1985)
Lola Kemp    ….         hair stylist (episode “MacGyver”) (as Lola M. Kemp)
Werner Keppler    …. special makeup designer (episode “Cleo Rocks”) (as Werner Klepper)
Michael Lorenz    ….   makeup artist (episode “Silent World”)
Dee Manges    ….       makeup artist (episode “The Gauntlet”, “The Golden Triangle”, “Last Stand”,
                                  “Thief of Budapest”) (episode “Trumbo’s World”)
Vivian McAteer    …. hair stylist (season 7)
Jo McCarthy    ….     hair stylist (season 2)
Jan Newman    ….     makeup artist (season 4-6)
Jan Newman    ….     makeup department head (season 3)
Michael Pachal    ….  hair stylist (seasons 4-6) (as Michael Ross Pachal)
Bron Roylance    ….   makeup artist
Marvin G. Westmore  makeup artist (season 7) (as Marvin Westmore)
Michael Westmore     special makeup designer (episode “Cleo Rocks”) (episode “Kill Zone”)
Jacky Wilkinson    …. makeup department head (episode “The Negotiator”) (as Jackie Wilkinson)

Production Management:
Robin Chamberlain    ….     unit production manager (episode “D. O. A.: MacGyver”, “Phoenix Under Siege”) 
                                          (as Robin Chamberlin)
Michael Eliot    ….               post-production supervisor (seasons 4-5:1988-1990) (as Mike Eliot)
Joseph M. Ellis    ….           unit production manager (season 7)
Robert Frederick    ….       production manager (season 3)
Sam Freedle    ….               unit production manager (episode “Silent World”)
David Menteer    ….           unit production manager (seasons 1 and 7)
Walter Mustapich    ….      unit manager (season 6)
Brad Rines    ….                 post-production supervisor (season 6: 1990-1991)
Bob Schneider    ….           unit production manager (episode “The Gauntlet”, “The Golden Triangle”)
Bruce Williams    ….           post-production supervisor (season 3: 1987-1988)

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director:
John P. Aguirre    ….          assistant director
Robin Chamberlain    ….   first assistant director (7 episodes 1985-1986) (as Robin Chamberlin)
Peter Dashkewytch    ….  first assistant director (multiple episodes 1987-1991)
Patrick A. Duffy    ….       assistant director (as Pat Duffy)
Paul Etherington    ….       first assistant director (7 episodes 1990-1991)
Paul Etherington    ….       second assistant director (seasons 4-5: 1988-1990)
Jerry Fleck    ….               first assistant director (episode “Good Knight MacGyver: Part 1 &2”, “Gunz ‘n Boyz”
                                       “Honest Abe”, “The Stringer”)
Steven Hirsch    ….           second assistant director (episode “D. O. A.: MacGyver”) (as Steve Hirsch)
Merri D. Howard    ….    first assistant director (episode “D. O. A.: MacGyver”) (as Merri Howard-Gorrin)
Merri D. Howard    ….    second assistant director (multiple episodes 1985-7 including “Silent World (1986)”,
                                       “Phoenix Under Siege (1987)”) (as Merri Howard-Gorrin)
Gary Law    ….                first assistant director (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”)
Gary Law    ….                second assistant director (multiple episodes 1985-6 including “Silent World (1986)”)
Bob Lewis    ….               second assistant director (episode “D. O. A.: MacGyver”, “Phoenix Under Siege”)
Britt Lomond    ….           first assistant director (episode “The Prodigal”)
Mick MacKay    ….        second assistant director (multiple episodes 1988)
David Markowitz    ….    first assistant director: second unit (season 3)
David Markowitz    ….    second assistant director (season 3: 1987-1988)
Craig Matheson    ….      second assistant director (seasons 4-6: 1988-1991)
Roger Mattiussi    ….      second unit director
David Menteer    ….       first assistant director (episode “MacGyver”) (episode “Thief of Budapest”)
Bill Mizel    ….                 first assistant director (multiple episodes in seasons 3-6: 1987-1991)
Colleen Neill    ….           second assistant director (episode “Hind-Sight”)
Tomaz Remec    ….        second assistant director (season 7: 1991-1992)
Karen Robyn    ….         second assistant director
Robert M. Rolsky    ….  first assistant director (episode “Trumbo’s World”) (as Bob Rolsky)
Richard Peter Schroer    first assistant director (episode “Deathlock”)
Jerome M. Siegel    ….   first assistant director (episode “The Golden Triangle”) (as Jerry Siegel)
Robert Villar    ….           first assistant director (episode “Deadly Silents” “Obsessed” “Off the Wall”
                                     “The Prometheus Syndrome”)
David Warry-Smith       first assistant director (episode “Lost Love”) (as Warry-Smith)
Dale White    ….             first assistant director (episode “The ‘Hood”, “The Mountain of Youth”, “Split Decision”
                                     “Walking Dead”)

Art Department:
Michael Casey    ….     property master (multiple episodes 1985)
Penny A. Chalmers      second unit set dresser
Chris Claridge    ….     construction foreman (1992)
Dave Conway    ….     construction coordinator (seasons 5-6: 1989-1991)
Richard Cook    ….     assistant art director
James Cordeiro    ….   graphic artist
Adrian Dowell    ….     scenic carpenter (1987-1989)
Clive Edwards    ….     set dresser (season 3)
Dean Eilertson    ….     set dresser (1987)
Phil Gough    ….            property master (multiple episodes in seasons 3-4: 1987-1989, 
                                   episode “Twenty Questions (1990)”)
Kenneth H. Hawryliw  property master (episode “Cease Fire”) (episode “Tough Boys”) (as Ken Hawryliw)
Charles Leitrants    …. construction coordinator (seasons 3-4: 1987-1989)
Peter McWade    ….   property master (multiple episodes 1985-1987)
Pat O’Brien    ….          property master (multiple episodes in seasons 3-6: 1987-1991)
Ken Rabhel    ….        graphic artist
James A. Rathbun       property master (episode “Honest Abe”) (episode “Obsessed”) (as Jim Rathbun)
Grant Swain    ….        property master (multiple episodes in seasons 5-6: 1989-1991)
Trinita Waller    ….      assistant property master
David Willson    ….     construction coordinator (episode “Lost Love: Part 1”) (episode “Lost Love: Part 2”)
Dean Wilson    ….       property master (multiple episodes in seasons 5 and 7: 1989-1992)

Sound Department:
William H. Angarola    supervising sound editor (seasons 3-6: 1987-1991)
Gregg Barbanell    ….  foley artist
Eric Batut    ….            sound mixer (season 3-6: 1987-1991)
Alan Bernard    ….      sound mixer (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”) (episode “Silent World”)
Marty Church    ….     foley mixer
David A. Cohen    …. sound editor (1990-1991 season)
Thierry J. Couturier    supervising sound editor (season 7: 1991-1992) (as Thierry Couturier)
Steve Danforth    ….   music editor
Wilson Dyer    ….       sound editor
Ashley Harvey    ….    sound editor (season 7: 1991-1992)
Dean Hodges    ….     sound mixer (multiple episodes 1985)
Jeffrey A. Humphreys boom operator
James LaRue    ….      sound mixer (season 7: 1991-1992) (also as Jim LaRue: some episodes)
Jerry Trent    ….           foley artist
Guy Tsujimoto    ….    sound editor
Jack Woods    ….       sound editor

Special Effects by:
Roland Blancaflor      special effects technician (episode ” Black Rhino”)
Ken Estes    ….           special effects foreman (1985-1988)
Henry Millar    ….      special effects (seasons 4-7)
Billy Myatt    ….         special effects (multiple episodes 1985-1990)

Visual Effects by:
Steve Galich    ….     special effects (episode “Deathlock”, “Hellfire”, “Nightmares”), “The Prodigal”,
                                “Target MacGyver”)
Adam Howard    …. visual effects animator (episode “Good Knight MacGyver”)
Steven J. Scott    …. digital compositor
Elan Soltes    ….       visual effects supervisor (episode “Good Knight MacGyver: Part 2”)

Steve Blalock    ….   stunt double: Richard Dean Anderson
Laura Dash    ….      stunt double
Don S. Davis    ….   stunt double: Dana Elcar
Vince Deadrick Jr.   stunt coordinator
Andy Gill    ….         stunts
Buddy Joe Hooker  stunt coordinator (episodes “Golden Triangle”, “Thief of Budapest ” , “Gauntlet” )
Loren Janes    ….     stunts
Jim McConnell    …. stunts
Pat Romano    ….     stunts
Jacob Rupp    ….     stunts
Lauro Chartrand      stunts (uncredited)
Phil Chong    ….       stunts (uncredited)
Roydon Clark    ….  stunts (uncredited)
Chris J. Clayton       stunts (uncredited)
Vince Deadrick Jr.   stunts (uncredited)
Vince Deadrick Sr.  stunts (uncredited)
Tom Delmar    ….    stunts (uncredited)
Nick Dimitri    ….     stunts (uncredited)
Bob Herron    ….     stunts (uncredited)
Buddy Joe Hooker  stunts (uncredited)
Arthur Howell    ….  stunts (uncredited)
Norman Howell       stunts (uncredited)
Mike Johnson          stunts (uncredited)
Hannah Kozak        stunts (uncredited)
Gene LeBell    ….    stunts (uncredited)
Lane Leavitt    ….    stunts (uncredited)
Jerry Meyers    …    stunts (uncredited)
Conrad E. Palmisano    ….     stunt driver (uncredited)
James Ralph    ….     stunts (uncredited)
Ross Reynolds    …. stunts (uncredited)
Branscombe Richmond    ….     stunts (uncredited)
Mario Roberts    …   stunts (uncredited)
C. Ransom Walrod    ….     stunts (uncredited)
Jesse Wayne    ….     stunts (uncredited)

Other crew:
David Abramowitz    ….     story editor (episode “Deathlock”, “Hellfire”, “The Prodigal”, “Target MacGyver”)
Dale Alexander    ….           key grip
Temple Anderson    ….      script supervisor (7 episodes in season 6: 1990-1991)
Neil Argo    ….                   orchestrator
Edle Bakke    ….                script supervisor (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”) (episode “Silent World”)
Kathy Barrett    ….             script supervisor (season 1: 1985-1986)
Ted Bauman    ….              location manager (multiple episodes seasons 3-4: 1987-1989)
Michael Berlin    ….           story editor (multiple episodes in season 3: 1987-1988)
Don Bixby    ….                gaffer
Fred Boyd    ….                gaffer (1990-1991)
Bruce L. Brownstein        location manager (multiple episodes seasons 5-6: 1989-1991) (as Bruce Brownstein)
Bruce L. Brownstein        location manager (seasons 2-4)
John Burnett    ….             director of photography: second unit, additional photography (1985-1987)
John Burnett    ….             first assistant camera: “a” camera second unit, additional photography (1985-1987)
Maria Cady    ….             script supervisor (episode “The Gauntlet”) (episode “The Golden Triangle”)
Robin Chamberlain    …. production executive (multiple episodes 1987-1988) (as Robin Chamberlin)
Delia Circelli    ….            administrative supervisor
Marianne Clarkson    …. story editor (season 4: 1988-1989)
Debbie Coe    ….             animal trainer (episode “The Black Corsage”) (as Debra J. Coe)
John Considine    ….       story editor (episode “Good Knight MacGyver: Part 1& 2”), “There but for the Grace”)
Murray S. Craig    ….     racing technical consultant (episode “Collision Course”)
Rosie Dean    ….             production coordinator (season 7: 1991-1992)
Michael Des Barres        lyricist: song “Cleo Rocks” (episode “Cleo Rocks”)
Rick Drew    ….              executive script consultant (season 4: 1988-1989)
Rick Drew    ….              executive story consultant (season 5: 1989-1990)
Rick Drew    ….              story editor (season 3: 1987-1988)
David Engelbach    ….    production consultant (episode “Gold Rush”)
Eric Estin    ….                story editor (multiple episodes in season 3: 1987-1988)
Candice Field    ….        script supervisor (seasons 4-5: 1988-1990)
Elaine Fleming    ….       production office coordinator (season 3: 1987-1988)
Robert Frederick    ….   production executive (seasons 4-5: 1988-1990)
Rudolph Garcia    ….     costumer (episode “D. O. A.: MacGyver”)
Rudolph Garcia    ….     costumer: men (1985-1986)
Rosa Gonzalez    ….      assistant to assistant producer (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”, “Silent World”) 
                                    (as Rosa Gonz�lez)
Rosa Gonzalez    ….      assistant to associate producer (1985)
Dave Gordon    ….        key grip (1987) (sometimes as David Gordon)
Russell Gray    ….          casting associate (season 7: 1991-1992)
Valerie Gray    ….          production office coordinator (seasons 4-6: 1988-1991)
Chris Haddock    ….     executive story editor (season 5: 1989-1990)
Chris Haddock    ….     story editor (multple episodes 1989)
Gordon Hardwick        location manager (episode “Blow Out”)
T.J. Healy II    ….          location manager
Thomas J. Healy IV     assistant location manager
Rob Hedden    ….       story editor (episode “Birth Day”, “Phoenix Under Siege”, “Silent World”)
Chris Helcermanas-Benge    ….     script supervisor
Chris Helcermanas-Benge    ….     still photographer
James Hibbard    ….     choreographer (episode “Cleo Rocks”)
R.K. Hill    ….               key grip (seasons 5-6: 1989-1991)
William E. Hines    ….  camera operator
Michael Jarvis    ….      location manager (8 episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)
Sunny Johnson    ….     grip
Stephen Kandel    ….   executive story consultant (episode “The Gauntlet”, “The Golden Triangle”, “Last Stand”
                                   “Thief of Budapest”, “Trumbo’s World”)
Stephen Kandel    ….    story editor (episode “Serenity”)
David Keiss    ….           location manager (multiple episodes season 5: 1989-1990)
David Keiss    ….           location manager (multiple episodes seasons 3-4: 1987-1989) (as David Kiess)
Murray Kenig    ….       technical advisor (episode “The Ten Percent Solution”)
Lincoln Kibbee    ….     story editor (multiple episodes 1990-1992)
Rowland Kirks    ….     location manager (episode “The ‘Hood”, “Deadly Silents”, “Gunz ‘n Boyz”,
                                    “The Mountain of Youth” “Walking Dead”)
Joanne Koehler    ….    casting associate (1985)
Stephen Kronish    ….   executive story editor (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”) (episode “Silent World”)
Nick Kuchera    ….       key grip (seasons 3-4: 1987-1989)
Maria Lease    ….         script supervisor
Kerry Lenhart    ….       story editor (episode “Birth Day”, “Phoenix Under Siege”, “Silent World”)
Richard Long    ….         post-production coordinator (1988)
Paul B. Margolis    ….   story editor (season 5: 1989-1990) (also as Paul Margolis)
Danny McWilliams        location manager (multiple episodes season 6: 1990-1991)
Herman Miller    ….       executive script consultant (episode “Murderers’ Sky”)
Rick Mittleman    ….     creative consultant (seasons 6-7: 1990-1992)
Kelly Moon    ….           script supervisor (multiple episodes in season 6: 1990-1991)
Christine Mooney    …. costumer (1988-1991)
Robert Moore Jr.    …. costumer (13 episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)
W. Reed Moran    ….   executive story consultant (11 episodes 1988)
Helen Mossler    ….      original casting
Don Nemitz    ….           orchestrator
Bill Nikolai    ….            stand-in
Stephanie Nolin    ….    assistant costume designer (multiple episodes 1987-1991)
Colleen Nystedt    ….    location manager
Bernadette O’Brien       costumer (8 episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)
Joanne Oboyski-Battelene    ….     assistant to supervising producers
Ray Quiroz    ….            script supervisor (multiple episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)
Paul Rabwin    ….          post-production coordinator (season 4: 1988-1989)
Brad Radnitz    ….        executive story consultant (season 7: 1991-1992)
John Rigg    ….              grip
Charles Robichaud       assistant editor
Andrea Robinson         singer: “Higher Life” (episode “Two Times Trouble”)
Vicki Rosenberg    .     original casting
David Rowell    ….      estimator (1989-1991)
Jan Rudolph    ….        script supervisor (multiple episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)
John J. Sakmar    ….   story editor (episode “Birth Day”, “Phoenix Under Siege”, “Silent World”)
James Schmerer         story consultant (episode “Deathlock”, “Hellfire”, “Nightmares”, “The Prodigal”,
                                  “Target MacGyver”)
Bruce Scott    ….        driver
Gary Shaw    ….         video colorist
Dan Shea    ….            hockey technical consultant (episode “Thin Ice”)
John Sheppard    ….   executive story editor (season 5-6: 1989-1991)
John Sheppard    ….   story editor (season 4: 1988-1989)
Robert Sherman    …. story editor (episode “Two Times Trouble”)
Robert Short    ….      black rhino designer (episode “Black Rhino”)
Sara Thornberg    ….  assistant to executive producer (1988-1990)
Sara Thornberg    ….  post-production coordinator (1990-1991)
Joyce Unruh    ….       costumer (5 episodes 1991)
Danielle Veber-Feller costumer (13 episodes in season 7: 1991-1992)
Art Washington    ….  story editor (season 6: 1990-1991)
Susan Weir    ….        script supervisor (season 3: 1987-1989)
Thomas Welsh    ….   costume department supervisor (1987-1991) (as Tommy Welsh)
Thomas Welsh    ….   costume supervisor (1991-1992) (as Tommy Welsh)
Thomas Welsh    ….   wardrobe supervisor (1985-1987) (as Tommy Welsh)
Lisa White    ….         location manager (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”, “Silent World”) (as Lisa Stuart-White)
Lynne White    ….      production coordinator (as Lynne Kalbfleisch White)
Sharlene Williams      costumer: women (1985) (as Shirlene Williams)
Anne Winsor    ….     costumer (episode “D. O. A.: MacGyver”)
Anne Winsor    ….     costumer: women (episode “Phoenix Under Siege”) (episode “Silent World”)
Peter F. Woeste        photographer: second unit
Len Wolfe    ….         gaffer (1987-1990)
Bill Zaitzov    ….        location manager (episode “Lost Love: Part 1”) (episode “Lost Love: Part 2”)
Ross Reynolds    ….  helicopter pilot (uncredited)
Rick Tropasso    ….  accountant (uncredited)

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