Characters (reboot)

Ellen MacGyver

Ellen MacGyver is the mother of Angus MacGyver and the sister of Gwendolyn Hayes.



MacGyver uses his vast scientific knowledge and unique ability to see items as individual components to get himself and his companions out of trouble.

Characters (reboot)

Andie Lee

Assistant of Patricia Thornton, former Director of Field Operations for the Phoenix Foundation.


Karen Blake

A DXS employee who got blackmailed into helping an international criminal.

Characters (reboot)

Angus MacGyver (rebooted)

Lead agent for the Phoenix Foundation.


East Germany

MacGyver has slipped in and out of East Germany on several occasions. Find out about the assignments which took him there.


Matt Webber

Director of Intelligence for the Phoenix Foundation


Ed Farrell

Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Phoenix Foundation.


Earl Dent

Earl Dent is an ex convict trying to go straight and provide for his daughter Veronica.


Craig Bannister

Craig Bannister is a field operative for the DXS and good friend of MacGyver.