Earl Dent

Earl Dent is an ex convict trying to go straight and provide for his daughter Veronica.

He first met MacGyver while working as ‘the muscle’ for a biker named Big Mama who was pursuing a priceless diamond thought to be hidden in a Nomad wagon willed to MacGyver by his grandfather. He later met up with MacGyver again after he got out of jail when he saved MacGyver from a back ally attack late one night which resulted in MacGyver helping Earl get a job at the Chicken Habit fast food restaurant. 
He had to put his job on hold though when an old biker friend blackmailed him in to helping get revenge on an old enemy, but with MacGyver’s help Earl was able to stop the bikers plans and resume his working life. 

Earl later went back to his roots of boxing under his old moniker of ‘The Rocketman’ (short fuse lots of power) in an attempt to gain a better income so he could get custody and provide a stable home for daughter, Veronica (Roni), who had been in foster care since her mother died at the age of 9. He requested MacGyver’s help to train him for a big match of which the winnings would set him up to be able to provide for Roni. 


Harry’s Will
High Control
Split Decision 
Dick Butkus
Big Mama
Jerry Kluge


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