Andrew T. Wiley

Andrew T. Wiley is a Federal Marshal who had asked Frank Bennett to testify against his crime boss brother, Joey,  before the Crime Commission and contracted MacGyver to make the arrangements for Frank to enter witness protection after he testified.

Frank, who had chosen to distance himself from the family’s crime syndicate and became an architect, was persuaded  to take up Wiley’s offer after a young associate from his office died from an overdose of Joey’s drugs. Frank tried to persuade Joey to shut down the business but he insisted that he could not be held accountable since he was simply providing a service to addicts.

After denying Frank a visit to see his dying mother in hospital, MacGyver decided to make the visit possible, despite Wiley’s insistence that it was too dangerous, by breaking Frank out of the Marshalls office. Once they got to the hospital they found that Joey had arraigned for her to be discharged and brought back to the family home. Knowing it was a trap, Frank decided he still wanted to see his mother before she died so was willing to risk going back to the family home.

When Wiley arrived at the Bennet home looking for Frank, Joey’s attorney informed him that he had used his influence to convince the judge to turn down his warrant request and that he would not be granted access to the property. Wiley and the other agents were forced to waited outside the gate, but when Joey imitated his brother’s voice on the phone and told Wiley that he was at MacGyver’s apartment, Wiley and the marshals were lured away. After finding nothing at MacGyver’s apartment, they returned to the Bennet house just as MacGyver and Frank made their escape.



The Prodigal
Frank Bennett
Joey Bennett
Carl Franklin


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