Claude Martell

Claude Martell worked for Prof. Cornwell under the assumed name of Pierre Lamont on assignment from Moscone Industries.

He studied Archeology under Professor Sadi before majoring in chemical biology at École normale supérieure Paris  and went to work for Moscone Industries at age 24.
He was sent to work for Prof. Cornwell as an inside spy and after the professor was killed he stole all the files for Cornwell’s super-seed project and fled to Cairo with the intentions of selling the files to the highest bidder but he was killed in his hotel room by another of Moscone’s men sent to retrieve the stolen files from Martell before he had a chance to make a deal.


Fugitive Gauntlet
Cornwell Institute
Moscone Industries
Professor Cornwell
Ireyna Voleskya
Joseph Moscone
Professor Sadi


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