Dalton, Jack Of Spies

Episode:  039 (S2.E17)

Production  No.: 40192-039

Airdate: 23 February 1987

Writers: Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar

Director: Bob Sweeney

Nielsen Ratings:  15.8 rating / 23 share / 3rd (35th for the week)



MacGyver is unwittingly caught up in an operation to clear Jack Dalton after he is accused of killing a CIA agent.



Richard Dean Anderson MacGyver
Dana ElcarPete Thornton
Bruce McGillJack Dalton
Lee Purcell… Shadow
Curt Lowens… Stanley Berrenger
Frank Annese… Al’s Partner
Duane Tucker… Al
Alan Fudge… Jay Michaels
John Kirby… Messenger
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa… Asian Buyer
Tom Willett… Organ Player at Funeral



  • Covertly put Jacks motorcycle into gear to ram the bad guys
  • Filled show canon with makeup powder and fired at bad guys
  • Used planks of wood to stop trash compactor (didn’t work)
  • Used bent piece of metal to pull the  control lever from inside the trash compactor.


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  • MacGyver: Death is a guarantee from the day we’re born. But somehow you forget about it, figure it’ll never happen – at least not to you or the people you care about. But it does.
  • MacGyver: Jack Dalton never believed that anyone or anything could put him away. There wasn’t a situation he couldn’t cheat his way out of; he always had a plan . . . until now.
  • MacGyver: Don’t you think six feet under is taking “laying low” a little far?
  • MacGyver: All right, Jack. Let’s have it! Who have you cheated, swindled or robbed this time?
  • Jack: They think I know too much; they think I finked to the CIA.
    MacGyver: Did you?
    Jack: Of course!
  • Jack: I only met her once, in a library.
    MacGyver: What’d she look like?
    Jack: A librarian.
  • Jack: That’s the guy that tried to kill us.
    MacGyver: Jack, everybody’s tried to kill us.
  • MacGyver: If his shoe spends time there, maybe he does, too.
  • Jack: Life is a terrible thing to waste. Especially when it’s yours.



  • At the club, when Dalton, Shadow & MacGyver are surprised by the rogue CIA agents, the package under Dalton’s arm disappears between shots.
  • Two cop cars follow Dalton and MacGyver down the mountain after they take off from where the dead body is found. A Dodge leaves first, then a minute or so later a Chevy Caprice follows. At the bottom of the road though, the Chevy arrives first, followed shortly by the Dodge.
  • When the bad guys turn up at the funeral they park directly behind MacGyver’s jeep, but when they go back to the car to chase MacGyver and Jack the jeep (and other cars parked there) have vanished.
  • When Shadow, Jack and Mac are hanging from the garbage trucks gate, you can briefly see a shovel in the right hand bottom corner pushing trash out the back of the truck.



Abbott and Hast Funeral Directors
1000 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles
Escape From Cops
Griffith Park Drive/Mt Hollywood Drive
Griffith Park, CA
Jack’s Basement Apartment
Garfield Building
403 West 8th Street,
Los Angeles CA
Pay Phone
520 South Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles


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