Jack Dalton

Jack met MacGyver in high school. He traveled with both Mac and Mike Forester through Europe after they graduated high school and have been best friends ever since.  He settled in California, where he ran a short-lived taxi service before setting up a private airline, Fly-By-Night. Subsequent enterprises include Jack-Be-Quick Messenger Service, Dalton Air, and his last known business, Dalton Air & Sea. Despite his numerous business failures, Jack remains optimistic that he’ll someday make the big score.

His impulsive nature and penchant for getting into trouble is a continuing source of frustration and stress for MacGyver.  He’s always got something up his sleeve but fortunately, MacGyver can tell when Jack’s lying because his left eye twitches although this doesn’t seem to stop MacGyver from being drawn into Jack’s schemes.

In spite of all Jack’s shortcomings and the problems, he gets MacGyver into… he still remains one of MacGyver’s best, and most loyal friends, willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice to help MacGyver when he needs it.



Four weeks before Jack was born, his father, a military pilot in the 5th Air Force 57th flight squadron, was shot down over Kin-Po airport and died. He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for staying at the controls of the plane until his crew-mates bailed out to safety.

Jack Dalton(Snr.) poses with his crewmates, Sam Greer, Berney Cisco and Bud Ackers in front of their plane ‘Francine’.

Jack’s mother (aged 17) took the death of his father very hard, realizing she was on the verge of a breakdown she put Jack Jr. into foster care.

Jack lived his life never know anything about either of his parents until late 1988, when Sam Greer, one of his father’s original plane crew, started sending Jack some of his father’s possessions.

Jack later tracked down and met his mother for the first time in Jan 1989, where he learned the truth about why he was given up for adoption.


Jack of Lies
Dalton, Jack of Spies
Lost Love (Part 1 & 2)
Jack in the Box
The Odd Triple
Mask of the Wolf
Rock the Cradle
On a Wing and a Prayer
Ma Dalton
Unfinished Business
Jenny’s Chance
The Mountain of Youth
Feb 3, 1951

Lakeland Military Hospital

Francine Layland-Dalton
(nee: Layland)

Jack Dalton Sr. (deceased)


Bruce McGill

Beech 18
(Jack of Lies)

Douglas C-47A-90-DL 
(Rock the Cradle)

Cessna floatplane
(On a Wing and a Prayer)


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