Michelle ‘Mic’ Forrester

Affectionately known to her friends as “Mic”, Michelle Forrester has known MacGyver since college, where she gained her Botany degree. She, Jack Dalton, and MacGyver traveled through Europe and Asia together after college. 

She was a keen mountain climber which eventually led to her death while teaching MacGyver to climb. 

She and MacGyver had always “had a thing” for each other, but neither of them ever acted on their feelings until the day of her accident, when she told MacGyver how she felt towards him. He didn’t return the sentiment though, instead of telling her that he preferred to be friends. This, understandably, upset Mike who hastily started climbing again to hide her emotion. Moments later she slipped and was knocked unconscious. As she was hanging motionless her harness sewing ripped and she fell to her death before MacGyver could pull her to safety leaving MacGyver blaming himself for causing her emotional state which he believed lead to her death.


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