Reboot Season 3

Airdate: Sept 28, 2018
Writers: Executive Producers Peter Lenkov and Craig O’Neill
Director: Stephen Herek
Recurring Cast: Tate Donovan (Oversight), Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin), David Dastmalchian (Murdoc), Kate Bond (Jill)

Guest Cast:
Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Solomon), Ilia Volok (Roman Mareks), Sibongile Mlambo (Nasha), Richie Stephens (Serhiy Yaroslav), Gil Darnell (Oleg Vadim/Voice), Yan Dron (Russian MP # 1), Ryan Constantine Monolopolus (Russian MP # 2), Shinar Frazier (Suited Limo Driver), Dalon Huntington (Airport Security), Georgui Kasaev (Mareks Soldier), Pavel Kozlov (Driver)

Three months after quitting the Phoenix Foundation and moving to Nigeria, Mac puts aside his differences with his father and returns when he hears Jack is the target of a murderous dictator he double-crossed.


Airdate: Oct. 5, 2018
Writers: Brian Durkin
Director: Duane Clark
Recurring Cast:  Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin)

Guest Cast:
Jesse C. Boyd (Ryan Thorpe), Wolé Parks (Caleb Worthy), Josh Stamberg (Paul “Deacon” Hern), Matt Skollar (Oman Munoz), Han Soto (Fitzgerald “Fitzy Cheng) , Owen Harn (Sidney Lanier), Max Ivutin (Joel), Elle Whitfield (Julie), Terry Serpico (Lawlor), Michael Otis (Penn), Kikey Castillo (Judy Munoz), Mark Riccardi (Mafia Hitter), Bobby Hernandez (Terrorist # 1), Johnny Land (Man), Derek Alfonso (Terrorist # 2)

When Jack receives an emergency distress signal from one of his old Delta buddies who is falsely accused of terrorism in a foreign country, MacGyver and Jack quickly recruit the rest of Jack’s old Delta team and stage an unsanctioned rescue op.


Airdate: Oct. 12, 2018
Writers: Nancy Kiu
Director: Tessa Blake
Recurring Cast: Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin)

Guest Cast:
Lance Gross (Billy Colton), Jesse James Locorriere (Juliana Sloan), Dennis Boutsikaris (Elliot Lambeau), Joshua Brady (Simon Tran), Donald Watkins (Victor), Andrew Romano (Quentin), Kwame Feaster (Dude), Kamran Shaikh (Guard # 1), Mario Temes (Bro # 1), Joshua Hinson (Frat Brother)

MacGyver, Riley, Bozer and Leanna go undercover on a college campus to smoke out a deep-cover operative who is recruiting students to carry out deadly attacks around the world. Also, Jack joins bounty hunter Billy Colton (Lance Gross) in the hunt for a bail jumper but is concerned when he finds out Billy offered Riley a job.


Airdate: Oct. 19, 2018
Writers: Rob Pearlstein
Director: Peter Weller
Recurring Cast: Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin)

Guest Cast:
C. Thomas Howell (Vasil) , Andrea Powell (Doctor Nakani), Greg Sproles (Maintenance Man), Samira Izadi (Real Estate Agent), Tiffany Denise Hobbs (Waitress), Spence Maughon (Diplomat), Nicole Marie Johnson (Well Dressed Woman), Davide Ishmael (Well Dressed Man)

MacGyver and Riley must find a way to drive a tanker filled with liquid oxygen through a region occupied by rebels and deliver it to a children’s hospital before they run out. Also, Riley helps MacGyver decide whether or not to allow his father back into his life.

Airdate: Oct. 26, 2018
Writers: Jim Adler and Andrew Karlsruher
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Recurring Cast: Tate Donovan (Oversight)

Guest Cast:
Sibongile Mlambo (Nasha), Marco Rodriguez (Luis Gomez), David Midura (Daniel Kettner), Santiago Segura (Officer Cardoza), Adela Tirado (Maribel Vargas), Christopher Marquez (Rafa), Trayce Malachi (Calvin), Lucia Scarano (Ms. Glass), Ivana J. Lewis (Warrior), Hudson Meek (Boy), Ray Benitez (Sergeant)

When Oversight’s attempt to capture a drug cartel’s leader goes bad, MacGyver and Jack rush to Mexico to pull their boss out while racing through the heart of the country during Dia de Muertos celebrations. Meanwhile Bozer and Riley use Halloween as a distraction to gather intel on a man accused of treason.

Airdate: Nov 2, 2018
Writers: Executive Producer Craig O’Neill
Director: Stephen Herek
Recurring Cast: David Dastmalchian (Murdoc)

Guest Cast:
Sarah Sokolovic (Amber), Jesse James Locorriere (Juliana Sloan), Allen Theosky Rowe (Chen), Brady Bond (Cassian), Sibongile Mlambo (Nasha), Armando Leduc (Bank Manager), Joshua Lamboy (Driver)

Murdoc abducts MacGyver’s girlfriend, Nasha, to force Mac to help him rescue his son, Cassian, from a kidnapper. Also, a dangerous individual from Murdoc’s personal life shows up, giving Mac a glimpse into the villain’s past

Airdate: Nov 9, 2018
Writers: Andrew Karlsruher
Director: Gabriel Beristain

Guest Cast:
Joy Sunday (Abina), Jimmy Akingbola (Joseph), Brendan Hines (Ethan Raines), Ric Reitz (Steckler), Jamal O. Peters (Guard), Makario Glenn (Danso)

Matty sends MacGyver and team to Ghana to recover a hard drive from an e-waste landfill that is run by a powerful and violent man.
But when Matty refuses to reveal what’s on the drive, other than a mysterious file called “Dragonfly,” the team speculates about what could be so important to her.

Airdate: Nov 16, 2018
Writers: Brian Durkin
Director: Lily Mariye
Recurring Cast: Emerson Brooks (Charlie Robinson)

Guest Cast:
Holland Roden (Eileen Brennan), Sean C. Michael (The Ghost), Kellen Boyle (Patrick Quinn), Clark Moore (Army Lieutenant), Michael James Thomas (Soldier), Gabrielle Byndloss (Wounded veteran)

MacGyver and the team set off on a dangerous capture operation after an Irish military intelligence officer approaches them claiming to know the whereabouts of “The Ghost,” a lethal bomb maker whom Mac has been hunting for years.

Airdate: Nov 30, 2018
Writers: Lindsey Allen
Director: Mike Martinez
Recurring Cast: Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin), Lance Gross (Billy Colton)

Guest Cast:
Deidrie Henry (Dr. Falama), Rob Hallett (Dr. Luca) , Konstantin Lavysh (Sala), Stefan Rollins (Security Guard), Tom Belgrey (Ionescu), Laura Whyte (Delores), Myrom Kingery (Mechanic), Kareem Lewis (Rideshare Driver), Evgeny Krutov (Guard)

When a vial containing a deadly virus is stolen from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, MacGvyer and team race to recover it before the thief unleashes a global pandemic.


Airdate: Dec 7, 2018
Writers: Andrew Karlsruher
Director: David Straiton
Recurring Cast: Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin)

Guest Cast:
Brendan Hines (Ethan Raines), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Samir), Eugene H. Russell IV (Dan Korbin) , Manoli Ioannidis (Lutsky), Ariel Eliaz (Prison Guard # 1), Irhad Mutic (Medic), Suehyla El-Attar (Janitor), Tino Tsutras (Man # 2 ), Mina Lukia (Ethan’s Daughter), Sissi Kal (Wife – Deena), Nikolay Nedyalkov (D-Company Man), Amaris Merlin (Croatian Cop # 1), Dash Kolos (Croatian Cop # 2)

Matty reveals a shocking secret to the team: she has a husband who’s been undercover in a criminal organization called D-Company for eight years. When his status as a CIA agent comes out, Matty needs MacGyver to find and extract her husband before it’s too late.


Airdate: Jan 4, 2019
Writers: Jim Adler
Director: Carlos Bernard
Recurring Cast: Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin)

Guest Cast:
Seamus Dever (Griggs), Jimmy Gonzalez (Hadley), Doug Savant (Waller), Clint Jung (Samrozi), Alexandre Chen (Yovan), Shani Atias (Zahra), Jonathan Wesley Horne (Marco), Asad Durani (Security Guard), Aunik Zaman (Waiter), Sarah Al-Sherri (Zahra’s Assistant), Nikolay Nedyalkov (D-Company Man), Amaris Merlin (Croatian Cop # 1), Dash Kolos (Croatian Cop # 2)

Mac and Jack hit the road for a weekend of relaxation in Las Vegas, but their mini-vacation is cut short when someone from their past abducts them and locks them in a concrete room. Meanwhile Matty tasks Riley, Bozer and Leanna with stealing a diamond encoded with terrorist intel from a princess in Milan.


Airdate: Jan 11, 2019
Writers: Brian Durkin
Director: Ron Underwood

Guest Cast:
Bridget Regan (Charlotte Cole), Faran Tahir (The Fence), David Kallaway (Darren Farragut) , Darren Darnborough (Lead Terrorist), Greg Corbett (Lenny) , Angelo Diaz (Lead TAC Agent), Andre Pushkin (Silver Wall Security Guard), Samuel Moody (Sam), Izabella Dzmitryieu (Caliope), Jiri Stanek (Silver Wall Security Guard # 3)

The Phoenix teams up with a woman who’s a soccer mom by day but a master thief by night to catch one of her contacts, an underworld criminal, who has hired her to steal a dirty bomb.


Airdate: Jan 18, 2019
Writers: Joshua Brown and Andrew Klein
Director: Brad Turner

Guest Cast:
Brendan Hines (Ethan Raines), Sissi Kal (Deena), Mina Lukia (Mara), Justin Welborn (Giovanni), Vanessa Garcia (Emma), Mike Hickman (Fred/Attendant), Edward Gelhaus (Anton), Alex Livinalli (Trevor), David Chin (Cid)

When MacGyver takes Riley and Bozer into the wilderness for a weekend of survival training, things take a turn when they run into a violent group of criminals who are searching the rugged backcountry for a lost crate of money.  Also, Jack and Matty go on a road trip to place Matty’s ex-husband and his family in witness protection.


Airdate: Feb 1, 2019
Story: Sophia Lopez
Teleplay: Lindsey Allen and Nancy Kiu
Director: Brad Turner

Guest Cast:
Roberto Sanchez (Alonzo), Madalyn Horcher (Camila), Alma Martinez (Abuela) , Adam Cole (Groom), Anthony Dilio (Jacob), Greg Sproles (Masked Man # 1), Brian Porzio (Male Guest # 1)

An international crime boss offers Matty a deal she can’t refuse – he’ll surrender himself into her custody if he’s allowed to return to the United States to watch his daughter walk down the aisle. MacGyver and team crash the wedding to ensure the crime lord doesn’t run, only to discover they’re not the only ones lying in wait at the event.


Airdate: Feb. 10, 2019
Writer: Brian Durkin
Director: Stephen Herek

Guest Cast:
Cheyenne Haynes (Vanessa Frank), Joe Ando-Hirsh (Daniel Lee), Joselin Reyes (Sarah Frank), Richard Thomas Koghberger (David Arthur Faraday), Sophie Edwards (Betty Lous Jensen), Michael Graziadei (Homeless Man), Ryan Lewis (Ronald Winter)

When Matty’s goddaughter and her boyfriend are killed in a San Francisco park, Mac and the team investigate the crime and start to suspect that the 1970s Zodiac Killer has returned.


Airdate: Feb 22, 2019
Writer: Don Perez
Director: Stephen Herek
Recurring Cast: Levy Tran (Desi)

Guest Cast:
Billy Baldwin (Elwood), Chad Michael Collins (Reese), Rya Meyers (Rose), Tierney Smith (Cassie), David Alexander Kaplan (Kyle), Alec Rayme (Agent Spencer), James Devoti (Agent Paxton) , David Diaz (Lead Soldier), Carl Kennedy (Phoenix Tech), Carl H. Riedel (SWAT # 1)

The Phoenix must recover the body of a pilot whose plane crashed while testing an experimental laser mapping system that MacGyver designed. Also, Riley tries to identify the hacker who tricked a SWAT team into arresting her and Elwood.


Airdate: Mar 08, 2019
Writer: Nancy Kiu and Lindsey Allen
Director: Alexandra La Roche
Recurring Cast: Levy Tran (Desi), Reign Edwards (Leanna Martin), Tate Donovan (Oversight)

Guest Cast:
Carsten Norgaard (Nils Madsen), Loretta Ann Reviere-Perry (Waitress), Matthew Bellows (Oliver), Matthew Jayson Cwern (Arthur), Carlos Leal (Jules), Marty Lindsey (Ludek Passer), Tatiana Warden (Passer’s Wife), Maurice P. Kerry (Bad Guy)

MacGyver and team are asked to solve a locked-door mystery when a man working inside a remote, ultra-secure international seed vault disappears.


Airdate: April 5, 2019
Writer: Executive Producer and Original MacGyver creator: Lee David Zlotoff
Director: Roderick Davis
Recurring Cast: Levy Tran (Desi), Tate Donovan (Oversight), David Dastmalchian (Murdoc), Michael Des Barres (Nicholas Helman)

Guest Cast:
Erica Frene (Jenna), Andre Reed (Prosecutor), Drew Sheer (Guard # 1) , Haley Goldman (Enthusiastic Woman on Stage), G-Rod (Guard), Brandon Rush (Passing Guard), Matthew Alan Brady (Driver)

When Nicholas Helman (Michael Des Barres) resurfaces to carry out a killing spree, the Phoenix is forced to get help from the one person who knows him best… his protégé, Murdoc.


Airdate: April 12, 2019
Writer: Justin Lisson
Director: Andi Armaganian
Recurring Cast: Levy Tran (Desi)

Guest Cast:
Alla Korot (Dr. Arza Terzic), Faruk Amireh (Adnan), Odelya Halevi (Sana), Nick Massouh (Nazir), Avid Bianchi (Oscar), Annika Pampel (Emina), Noor Maher (Yasmin), Mo Gallini (Daris), Johnny Kostrey (Harun), Ned Yousef (Bilal), Marco Guerrero (Gangster)

MacGyver and Desi help a group of Syrian refugees who are being pursued by human traffickers. Also, in Los Angeles, Bozer is trapped in Oversight’s car which is rigged to explode.


Airdate: April 26, 2019
Writer: Rob Pearlstein & Andrew Karlsruher
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Recurring Cast: Levy Tran (Desi), Tate Donovan (Oversight)

Guest Cast:
David Paluck (Derek Diresta), Mandy June Turpin (Julie/Mother), Jeffrey Cole (Tyler/Father), Andrew Brodeur (Ben), Emily Marie Palmer (Isabela), Laurie Catherine Winkel (Barista), Jorge Longoria (Guard), Francisco Soto, Jr. (Mugger), Eileen Faxas (Newscaster)

When two American tourists go missing while doing a “No-Go Scavenger Hunt” through some of the world’s most dangerous countries, the Phoenix team goes undercover as backpackers to find them and bring them home alive.


Airdate: May 3, 2019
Writer: Nancy Kiu & Lindsey Allen
Director: Stephen Herek
Recurring Cast: Levy Tran (Desi) , Tate Donovan (Oversight)

Guest Cast:
Brendan Hines (Ethan Raines), Sissi Kal (Deena), Mina Lukia (Mara), Lance Gross (Billy Colton), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Mama Colton), Zane Stephens (Ryan Hayes) , George Tchortov (August Krieger), Diana Chiritescu (Ava Malone) , Adam Minarovich (Kosta), Joseph Steven Yang (Director Huang), Mahdi Cocci (Agent), Moses Das (Attache), Chazz Mangusta (Cashier), Jeff Bachar (Sommelier), Justin Torrence (Brad), Marissa Chanel Hampton (Phoenix Tech), James Sosa, Jr. (S-Company Tech)

Matty’s ex-husband, Ethan, asks her for help when S-Company, kidnaps his wife and daughter, forcing Matty to decide if she’s willing to commit treason in order to help save his family. Also, Riley makes a heartbreaking discovery when she joins Billy Colton and Mama Colton on a mission to Paris.


Airdate: May 10, 2019
Writer: Ji Adler
Director: Maja Vrvilo
Recurring Cast: Levy Tran (Desi) , Tate Donovan (Oversight)

Guest Cast:
Peter Weller (Elliot Mason), Emerson Brooks (Charlie Robinson), Jacobi Howard (LAPD Commander), Rachael Thompson (Lead Bomb Tech), CC Castillo (Operations Manager), Mike Whaley (Guard)

MacGyver faces off with a cunning new adversary whose carefully crafted plans put Mac at the epicenter of an impossible choice: save the life of a friend, or save the lives of hundreds of innocents. Also, Mac receives new information that will drive a wedge between him and his father.


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