The Ghost

“The Ghost” is a bomb maker, famous for his elaborate bomb traps used in terror attacks. He prefers hiding bombs within a bomb; having one being set off by the disarming of a second one.

Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till) met Charlie Robinson (Emerson Brooks) while serving in the army as EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) techs. On a two-week-mission in Kabul, they disarmed 127 IEDs together, setting a new record. While working together in the army, they heard of a notorious bomb maker called “The Ghost” since no one has ever seen his face.

Season 1
In Episode 1×06 (Wrench), Charlie calls MacGyver to New York. He needs Mac’s expert opinion on a bomb; suspecting that it has been made by “The Ghost”.

Over the course of the episode, they realize that “The Ghost” installs a digital camera into his bombs so he can watch while his victims try to deactivate the bomb and fail. As it turns out, the records go back over a decade – and there’s also a recording of MacGyver’s mentor Alfred Pena getting killed by one of the bombs in Afghanistan.

Season 2
In Episode 2×12 (Mac + Jack), MacGyver and Jack Dalton (George Eads) are trapped in Mac’s house because “The Ghost” has rigged it with explosives. With the help of Charlie and Team Phoenix, they manage to disarm the bombs and get out.

Season 3
In Episode 3×08 (Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome), Team Phoenix is approached by Eileen Brennan (Holland Roden), an Irish military intelligence officer; claiming she knows the whereabouts of “The Ghost”. Charlie joins Team Phoenix and Eileen to finally get hold of the bomb maker.

During the episode, Mac gets trapped while trying to deactivate a bomb. “The Ghost” tells MacGyver that there is one more bomb hidden out there, waiting for Mac and his friends.

It’s later revealed that Eileen is the daughter of “The Ghost” who had killed her mother by accident while putting a bomb together for the IRA. She only asked for the Phoenix Foundation’s help because she finally wanted to get revenge for her mother’s death.


Reboot series1x06 Wrench
2×12 Mac + Jack
3×08 Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome
Explosives Expert
Bomb MakerREAL NAME:
Connor Brennan
Sean Cameron Michael


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