Jack Dalton (rebooted)

Jack Dalton (George Eads) is an Ex Delta Force and CIA operative. He first met Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till) when the two were teamed together for active service in Afghanistan with Jack being protection detail for MacGyver’s bomb squad duties. While initially, they didn’t get along, over time and through the adversities and atrocities of war they became ‘brothers in arms’.

After their tour of duty ended, Jack and MacGyver were recruited to DXS by Patricia Thornton (Sandrine Holt) to work in a core team with Nikki Carpenter (Tracy Spiridakos).

Season 1
In the Pilot Episode, the team infiltrates a party in Italy to steal a biological weapon from a terrorist. The mission goes awry, with MacGyver and Nikki getting shot and falling into Lake Como. While Mac survives, the bioweapon is stolen and Nikki’s body can’t be retrieved. Jack advises the team to recruit Riley Davis (Tristin Mays), a hacker who’s currently serving time in prison. Riley is the daughter of Jack’s ex-girlfriend Diane Davis (Michael Michele) and manages to track Kendrick and the bioweapon – and Nikki, who’s apparently still alive and working with Kendrick. At the end of the episode, the DXS packs shop and rises under a new think-tank-cover called the Phoenix Foundation.

In Episode 1×03 (Awl), Jack urges Mac to get in contact with James MacGyver (Tate Donovan) again; knowing from his own experience that Mac might regret wasting so much time to make up with his father. MacGyver agrees to write James a letter.

In Episode 1×11 (Scissors), Jack reveals that he and Riley became very close with Riley thinking of him as her father figure – until he abruptly left them after having caught her real father Elwood (Billy Baldwin) beating on Diane again and this time giving him a beating of his own. He later says he left because he was worried about what Riley would think of him if she found out.

In the mid-season finale Episode 1×12 (Screwdriver), it’s revealed that Nikki worked undercover for the CIA to bring down the Organization and the mole that infiltrated DXS/Phoenix. As it turned out, Thornton had not only framed Nikki but had also hired assassin Murdoc (David Dastmalchian) to take out MacGyver.

At the end of Episode 1×13 (Large Blade), Thornton is replaced by Matty Webber (Meredith Eaton), Jack’s former boss at the CIA. According to Jack, Matty is the reason why he left the CIA in the first place, so he’s not too happy to have to work under “Matty the Hun”.

In the Season 1 Finale, MacGyver tells Jack that the letter got returned and he can’t seem to find another way to contact his father. Jack agrees to accompany Mac to go looking for James.

Season 2
In the Season 2 Premiere, MacGyver and Jack are called back to work after being more or less unsuccessful in the hunt for MacGyver’s father.

After Riley tells Jack about her father wanting to be part of her life again, Jack watches them from afar and finds out that someone wants to kill Elwood. With Riley’s help, they manage to save Elwood’s life.

During the season, Mac and Jack follow several clues that James MacGyver seemingly left. Frustratingly, the clues seem to lead him to nowhere. Later in the season, Jack enlists Elwood and Matty’s personal assistant Jill Morgan (Kate Bond) to help him break into Matty‘s house and steal documents from her safe; confirming the suspicions that Matty knows James and even investigated him years ago.

In the Season 2 Finale, it’s revealed to the audience and Team Phoenix that James MacGyver is Oversight and therefore not only the head of the Phoenix Foundation, but also actually MacGyver’s boss since he joined DXS. It was also him that arranged for MacGyver and Jack to being teamed up in Afghanistan. Feeling betrayed, MacGyver hands in his resignation; stating that he can’t work for someone he doesn’t trust.

Season 3
For 3 months, Mac stays in Nigeria, building wells and fixing stuff. In the Season 3 Premiere, James MacGyver visits his son in Nigeria; stating that he needs to come back because Jack got himself into trouble. MacGyver agrees to come back for this one mission. As it turns out, Jack had tried to find James’ nemesis Walsh on his own so James had a reason to resign and Mac could come back to Phoenix.


Reboot Series (Seasons 1 to 3)

Diane Davis
Sarah Adler
Phoenix Foundation
Delta Force
Duke Jacoby
Ernie Bung
Bathroom Tile Salesman
George Eads
Jack Wyatt Dalton
Texas, USA
Jack S. Dalton Sr.
(Sept. 29, 1945 – Jan. 8, 2007)
Hand to hand combat
Expert Marksman
Speaks French, Russian, Dutch and “Supermodel”.
Can fly choppers and airplanes.


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