Henry Fletcher

Henry Fletcher (Anthony Starke) is a fader – an assassin who makes his victims vanish.

Season 2
In Episode 2×04 (X-Ray + Penny), infamous assassin Murdoc (David Dastmalchian) kidnaps Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till); demanding information about the whereabouts of his son Cassian (Brady Bond). MacGyver refuses to help and manages to escape through the sewer tunnels. While trying to hunt down Murdoc, Team Phoenix finds a scorched picture of a teacher named Henry Fletcher in the hideout; assuming he’s Murdoc’s next target. The team later finds out that Fletcher is actually a so-called fader, an assassin who makes his victims vanish.

Murdoc contacts the Phoenix Foundation, offering a tip on how to find their mutual enemy. After MacGyver, Jack Dalton (George Eads) and Samantha Cage (Isabel Lucas) finally arrest Fletcher, Murdoc fires a rocket launcher at the vehicle transporting him. Murdoc rescues Fletcher and offers him to join his new collective of assassins.

In Episode 2×15 (Murdoc + Handcuffs), it’s revealed that Fletcher turned on Murdoc. Fletcher offers Phoenix to hand Murdoc over for money. After the successful exchange, Mac, Jack and Murdoc are hunted by Murdoc’s old mentor Nicholas Helman (Michael Des Barres). In the end, Murdoc saves MacGyver from being shot and demands to be allowed to visit Cassian as a reward. During the visit, he manages to flee with Cassian; killing Fletcher soon after.


Reboot series
(recurring character)

2×04 X-Ray + Penny
2×15 Murdoc + Handcuffs


School Teacher

Anthony Starke



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