Elwood Davis

Elwood Davis is the biological father of Riley Davis (Tristin Mays) and the ex-husband of Diane (Michael Michele).

The relationship between Riley’s mother Diane and Elwood was troubled due to him being an alcoholic and being physically abusive against Diane. He left the family when Riley was still very young.

When she was twelve, Diane began dating Jack Dalton (George Eads). At the time, he was working for the CIA but used the cover of being a bathroom tile salesman. Riley and Jack became very close until he caught Elwood attacking Diane during a visit. Jack gave Elwood a beating of his own, then broke things off with Diane; leaving both Diane and Riley behind.

Jack claims he “left for Riley’s sake” as he “didn’t want to screw her up”.



Season 2
After Elwood finally got sober again, he meets up with Riley, trying to make amends. Riley isn’t sure at first if she should let Elwood into her life again since this isn’t the first time he’s claiming he finally got his life in order, but later agrees to stay in contact and giving him another chance.

After Riley tells Jack about her father wanting to be part of her life again, Jack watches them from afar and finds out that someone wants to kill Elwood. As it turns out, Elwood and his partner stole a signed baseball worth several thousand dollars a year ago. However, Elwood threw the ball into the Hudson when he decided to finally get sober for good. Because Elwood didn’t tell his former partner, the man thinks that Elwood conned him out of the money.

With Riley’s help, they forge a baseball to save Elwood’s life since he doesn’t have the money to pay his former partner a share. While the man decides not to kill Elwood, he still punishes him by insisting he takes a beating from his men. Elwood decides to skip town for a while so Riley doesn’t have to see him beaten up, but tells Jack to tell her that he will be back soon.

Later in the season, Jack enlists Elwood and Jill Morgan (Kate Bond) to help him break into his boss Matty Webber‘s (Meredith Eaton) house and steal documents from her safe.

Season 3
Just before his job interview, a SWAT team storms Riley’s home, arresting both him and Riley who had tried to teach Elwood something about computer basics.


Reboot series (Seasons 2 and 3)2×08 Packing Peanuts + Fire
2×09 CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil
2×10 War Room + Ship
2×16 Hammock + Balcony
2×23 MacGyver + MacGyver
3×16 Lidar + Rogues + Duty
William Baldwin (as Billy Baldwin)
TIES to the Original Show:
Elwood is some sort of con artist trying to make quick money and getting other people in trouble, similar to original Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill)


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