Dawn (Amy Smart) is a former con artist, working for the CIA.

Season 2
In Episode 2×14 (Mardi Gras Beads + Chair), Team Phoenix travels to New Orleans to find a woman named Dixie (Amy Smart). She stole a bunch of identities to get access to their bank accounts, not realizing that they are actually the fake identities of CIA operatives; some of them still active in undercover missions. Dawn is posing as Dixie Lee Jacoby, the wife of Duke Jacoby – an old alias of Jack Dalton (George Eads). The cover of Duke Jacoby was created to run crime out of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Because some bad guys are still looking for Duke and want revenge, Dawn is in big trouble.

At the end of the episode, Team Phoenix manages to save both Dawn and Jack. Instead of going to prison and having to pay the money back she stole, Dawn gets the chance to work for the CIA instead, helping them making better fake identities for their undercover agents. When Jack wakes up after they spent the night together, he realizes Dawn robbed his place.

In Episode 2×19 (Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle), Dawn asks Team Phoenix to investigate the suspicious death of her CIA supervisor. Over the course of the episode, they uncover a dirty agent and a massive counterfeiting ring in Peru. The counterfeiting operation is shut down, with the National Police confiscating 4 million in real one-dollar bills. Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till) points out that they had actually found 5 million dollars, realizing that Dawn took the rest of it and disappeared.

At the end of the episode, a woman at an orphanage finds 1 million dollars in a box on the front steps. There’s a note from Dawn, saying the place was the closest she ever had to a home.


Reboot series (Season 1)
2×14 Mardi Gras Beads + Chair
2×19 Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle
Jack Dalton/Duke Jacoby

Dixie Lee Jacoby
Amy Smart


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