Sarah Adler

Sarah Adler (Amy Acker) is a CIA Agent and the ‘sort-of-ex-girlfriend’ and partner of Jack Dalton (George Eads).

Sarah and Jack were partners when working in the CIA; saving each other lives more than once. According to Jack, she is the reason he got back home in time from a bad mission in Belarus to say goodbye to his dying father. Relationship-wise, they’ve had a little history of missed opportunities.

Season 1
In Episode 1×02 (Metal Saw), Jack is joined by Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till) and Riley Davis (Tristin Mays) for a mission in Venezuela. They attempt to rescue Sarah and take down an international arms dealer after Sarah was taken hostage and disavowed by her agency. During the mission, Jack realizes he still has feelings for Sarah and that there’s the same old chemistry between them. At the end of the episode, his dreams of getting another chance are squashed when he meets Sarah’s fiancé Jeff.

In Episode 1×12 (Screwdriver), Sarah tells Team Phoenix that she found Nikki Carpenter (Tracy Spiridakos) and is willing to let them join the mission under her lead. Jack first doesn’t want Sarah to come with them; claiming that he doesn’t want her going on a dangerous mission with the chance of getting hurt or even killed just days before her wedding. Later, it’s revealed that Nikki worked undercover for the CIA to bring down the Organization and the mole that infiltrated DXS/Phoenix. It wasn’t her, but Director of Field Operations Patricia Thornton (Sandrine Holt) who had framed Nikki for it. The episode ends with Jack and MacGyver attending Sarah’s wedding.


Reboot series (Season 1)
1×02 Metal Saw
1×12 Screwdriver
Jack Dalton
Jeff (married)
English, French, Chinese, Hebrew
Amy Acker


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