Matty Webber

Matilda “Matty” Webber took over the position as Director of Operations for the Phoenix Foundation after Patricia Thornton  was arrested for being a mole.

She was Jack Dalton‘s boss at the CIA and according to him the reason why he left.

Matty Webber has a no-nonsense attitude but sees her agents as family and insists on being called by her name, not “Director” or “Ma’am”. After taking over as director, she interviews every member of Team Phoenix. While she warmed up to Wilt Bozer immediately, she questioned MacGyver’s tendency to improvise in the field at first because she doesn’t want to see his “luck running out on screen”.

Matty changed her opinion about MacGyver after the team helped her finding the murderer of her god-daughter in Episode 1×15.

According to Riley Davis, Matty once hung up on Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin (he called back 10 minutes later and apologized) and made the directer of the NSA cry. She also wrote the entire curriculum taught at the US Clandestine Services Training Academy that Bozer was sent to in Season 2.

In Season 3, it’s revealed that Matty is actually married to Ethan Raines. She hadn’t seen him for years because he’s an undercover agent on an ongoing mission. However when his cover was blown, she and the Phoenix team went to retrieve him; finding him living with another woman he has a child with.


Reboot series (episode 1×13 onward)
Phoenix Foundation 
Meredith Eaton
Matty the Hun (Jack Dalton)
Matty Webber is a play on the name Matt Webber from the Early Retirement episode of the original MacGyver


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