MacGyver Returns to Friday Nights For Season 4.

In a shock announcement from CBS MacGyver season 4 will take back it’s old Friday night time-slot starting on Feb 7th as CBS returns to it’s original Friday night lineup of MacGyver, H50 and Blue Bloods.

Magnum PI is being placed on hiatus to allow Hawaii Five-0 to move from it’s current 8pm slot into it’s old 9pm slot making way for MacGyver at 8pm. CBS have indicated it will remain there for the duration of it’s season 4 run and Magnum will return once MacGyver has concluded – there was no indication if it would take the 8pm slot or go back to 9pm. Interestingly they specifically said MacGyver will conclude in the spring, however 22 weeks from Feb 7 gets us to July 3rd – practically the middle of summer. If they take any breaks along the way this will move even further into summer which makes both MacGyver and Magnum summer shows and also means they lose the pairings with Hawaii-Five-0 and Blue Bloods for half the season.

Lucas Till returns as MacGyver February 7.

The return to the original CBS lineup at the cost of Magnum PI is quite a dramatic, if not telling, move considering Magnum was the reason MacGyver was ousted in the first place. It was always speculated that MacGyver was dropped off the the Friday schedule in the hopes that the failing Magnum P.I. would do better in the Friday night slot with H50 and Blue Bloods to help it along. If this was in fact the reason, it doesn’t seem to have gone to plan as all 3 shows have lost ratings this year – whether that’s because of the change in lineup or a change in viewing habits is anyone’s guess.  One thing is for sure though, MacGyver fans are over the moon. Not only do we now have a full season, we have it in our regular Friday night times lot again. They may have more to rejoice soon as this this news may also mean we see a season 3 DVD release date as part of the promotion process. Fans have been disappointed that other shows have had their last season released on DVD already without MacGyver. This will hopefully change shortly as CBS will be wanting to rekindle the fandom ready for the premiere in February.

MacGyver returns Friday Feb 7 at 8/7c


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