Full Series Bluray Release Coming From CBS.

CBS is releasing a no-frills Bluray boxset of the full MacGyver TV series with a release date of Nov 2, 2021.

Despite their original statement, it appears CBS has had a change of heart as we have begun seeing preorder information appearing on Bluray watchdog and release sites, including Amazon.  So far the information is very limited but we have had confirmation from Koch, the production company making a more extensive Bluray set, that this is an official release from CBS.

Originally CBS had said that they would not be releasing any further Bluray editions of MacGyver after the poor sales of the season 1 release.  They then proceeded to look for interested parties to buy the property rights for the Blu-ray set, eventually finding a purchaser in the German production company, Koch, who are still in the process of producing their high-quality boxset which will including extras, such as exclusive interviews with cast members.

    The Blu-ray box set from CBS.

This CBS release will use the increasingly popular ‘Print-on-Demand’ fulfillment method which sees items produced only after they have been ordered, thus removing the overheads of having to produce bulk stocks and the worry of having leftover stock. This change in fulfillment method could be part of the reason for CBS’ change of mind as it means they will have limited setup costs and longevity of sales life. The release will be a barebones package with only the episodes and no extras. It also appears that they will reuse the DVD packaging and artwork which includes a full series episode list and disc index to enable quick location of episodes. There’s no information on whether the set will include the two movies, but if they are keeping the name “The Complete Collection” it would be expected that, as with the DVD version, it will include the movies.

Some fans may still want to wait to see what the final product from Koch looks like, but with still no release date announced this set may be a cheaper and/or quicker option for fans who just want to enjoy the show in HD as soon as possible.



  1. That is such great news! I can’t wait to se MacGyver in HD! Season 3 and 4 (My Favourites) is probably the Seasons with the worst quality on the DVD Set. So it will be such a refreshing experience 🙂 Thanks for the update!

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