German Blu-ray Release Pushed Back Two Months

PLAION Pictures has pushed back the release date for their long awaited Blu-ray box set to 16 May, 2024.

The original release date was set for March, 2024, but when fan testing of the set picked up some sound problems with the German audio in some places they decided it was better to fix the issues rather than sell a defective set, no matter how minor the defects were.

German MacGyver Forums owner, Jano, explained that the sound issues were derived from the source material provided by Paramount and not caused by any processes employed by PLAION Pictures.

The new Blu-ray boxset from PLAION Pictures.

This set has been much anticipated since it’s first announcement 5 years ago with high excitement for the prospects of finally having a set with special features quickly leading to fans generating a long list of what they were hoping to see in the extras menu. While many of the extras we want are not available due to licensing and contractual issues which Paramount aren’t willing to resolve, the set will include interviews with the likes of Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Des Barres, show creator Lee David Zlotoff and some crew members as well as a series guide and introduction/information essay.

The set will be presented in a hard cardboard box with all new exclusive artwork. The discs will be housed in 7 separate “DigiPaks” with each pack holding 5 discs except for season 7 which currently will only hold 4 discs, leaving a space for the movies disc which they are still trying to acquire the licensing for.

There has also been work done to improve the image quality which included fixing (where possible) minor errors (white compression lines) which were noted in the CBS box-set.

The set is available from Plaion’s online store with retail price of €199.99.

Image format:  1.33:1 (1080p)
Sound format:  DTS HD Master Audio 2.0
Languages: German & English
Subtitles: German

Interview with main actor Richard Dean Anderson
Interview with Murdoc actor Michael Des Barres
Interview with series creator Lee David Zlotoff
Interview with James L. Conway
Interview with Conrad E. Palmisano
Booklet with an essay by Stefan Jung and episode guide
Alternative dubbed version of episode 1 of the reboot series from 2017


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