Bluray Set Could Include HD Versions Of Movies.

As work on the Blu-ray box set continues, we’ve heard that Koch Films, the German production company making the set, is looking at using “AI Upscaling” to produce an enhanced version of the two TV-movies which have not yet been transferred to HD format.

AI Upscaling is a process used to create HD versions of images and video without the need for the original film stock. It relies on artificial intelligence learning systems to learn about what images should look like and then apply that knowledge to enhance video imagery with some quite astounding results and judging from the two examples below, there will be a marked improvement over the currently available standard format versions.

There’s still no release date for the Bluray set as the production house is taking it’s time to gather extras and bonus features as they work to make this box set the highest quality and best “bang for our buck” as they can. In the meantime U.S. audiences can enjoy the full series in HD for the first time thanks to ViacomCBS’ new streaming  platform, Paramount Plus, and will be available for streaming to other countries later in the year.

You can find out more about Paramount Plus, including their price plans on their website.



  1. Im so excited, but i can wait! Give it a year to get mask-free Rick Dean interviews, amongst other things! No rush!

  2. Dont re do the logo for bluray titles please dont its part of the show. It ruins the show and should be left as is. No messing, no changing nothing.

  3. Very good to hear. I can’t wait for it to finally be released. Wonder if it’ll have some bonus material similar to the Miami Vice set Koch media released.

  4. I hope that Koch Films will have manufacturing MacGyver Blu-ray set in region free because my Pioneer Blu-ray player be compatible with Blu-ray Discs are region A and region free.

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