MDB Records Featurette For Blu-ray Box Set

Michael Des Barres has confirmed today on his Twitter account that he has recorded a featurette for the upcoming Blu-ray box-set.

While no details were given about the contents of the featurette he did say that he was happy to share his memories about his journey as Murdoc in the series, so from this, we can presume he’ll be sharing things like how he got the role, what he liked about it, fun memories on set, etc.

This will be welcomed news for the fans as it confirms that Koch Films are still actively working on the Blu-ray box set which was announced back in December 2019 when we learned that the German production house had brought the property rights for the newly transferred HD copies of the show after CBS decided it wasn’t worth releasing any further Blu-ray sets themselves when the first season box-set failed to meet sale and profit expectations.  Once Koch had the rights they began the planning process for a full series Blu-ray box set, however, their plans, like everything else, were heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and as a result, the process of creating the boxset is still ongoing.

Koch Films are known for producing high-quality box-sets of both movies and TV shows which often include never-before-seen or forgotten behind the scenes material and featurettes, and they made it clear from the start that MacGyver would be no different with as much feature material as possible to be included and from MDB’s post today it looks like they are well into the process of producing new interviews with the main stars of the show. We can also confirm that the boxset will include an extensive booklet about the history of the show as well as working to remove the white flicker caused by the video compression seen in parts of the first season Bluray release – they are also looking to be able to include things like the cut Pentagon scenes from the pilot episode.

It’s expected that the set will contain both English and German language versions to allow for international viewing. It’s uncertain at this stage how the region coding will work. Ideally, it would be region-free but we will have to wait for further news on this.

While there’s still no release date or target for the completion of the box set many countries throughout Europe and South America are now broadcasting the HD versions of the show and CBS have finally made the HD versions available in the U.S. through their rebranded Paramount Plus streaming platform.



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