CBS Release Full Series In HD Bluray Boxset

See the difference between standard and HD versions in this video.

The full 7 seasons of MacGyver in full HD quality bluray from CBS goes on sale today.

The boxset has come as a surprise to MacGyver fans after poor sales of the season 1 blu-ray set led to CBS pulling the plug on any further Bluray releases instead choosing to focus on selling to their broadcasting partners and eventually through their streaming service. Then in 2019 after persistent enquiries CBS eventually sold the license to German production company, Koch, who are still in the process of producing their high-quality collectors edition boxset which will including extras, such as exclusive interviews with cast members.

The Blu-ray box set from CBS.

Contrary to the Koch release, this CBS release will be a bare-bones package with only the episodes and two movies included.  As the movies are not yet converted to HD, we’re unsure if they will be presented in standard DVD version or upscaled to HD. The set appears to only have the original English soundtrack with no other languages available and looks like they will reuse the DVD packaging and artwork which includes a full series episode list and disc index to enable quick location of episodes.

The release will use the increasingly popular ‘Print-on-Demand’ fulfillment method which sees items produced via pressed (replicated) discs method, only after they have been ordered, thus removing the overheads of having to produce bulk stocks and the worry of having leftovers. This change in fulfillment method could be part of the reason for CBS’ change of mind as it means they will have limited setup costs and longevity of sales life.

Some fans may still want to wait to see what the final product from Koch looks like, but with still no release date announced this set may be a cheaper and/or quicker option for fans who just want to enjoy the show in HD without the ever-present uncertainty (and cost) of streaming platforms or television networks.





    • Yes, I guess Amazon didn’t expect as many people to buy this set, so didn’t order many copies. It appears that you can still order it even though it’s out of stock. You’ll just have to wait for the next batch to arrive before they can ship it to you.

  1. Where are the comments and/or reviews from those that have likely received their order by now? I’d like to see how the discs and other material are packaged in this pricey $130US set. Also, is the picture resolution what you’d expect over the DVD version?

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