German Blu-ray Release Date Announced

Plaion Pictures (formally Koch Films) have announced a release date for their much anticipated and long awaited German Blu-ray boxset

Announced yesterday during their Live Exclusive Release broadcast on YouTube, the set will be available for purchase in their online store from March 28, 2024 with a price of €199.99.

Presented in a hard cardboard box with all new exclusive artwork. The discs will be housed in 7 separate “DigiPaks” with each pack holding 5 discs except for season 7 which currently will only hold 4 discs, leaving a space for the movies disc which they are still trying to acquire the licensing for.

Although not the extras fans were hoping for, this set does include interviews with the likes of Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Des Barres and show creator Lee David Zlotoff as well as a series guide and introduction/information essay.

According to German MacGyver Forums owner, Jano, Plaion Pictures have been unable to acquire the appropriate licenses from CBS/Paramount for the extras fans were hoping for, such as outtakes, interviews, Behind the Scenes videos, etc, because they don’t have adequate historical records of the licenses and contracts used at the time of original filming and so prefer to play it safe and just reject all requests. This is to insure other parties don’t come claiming rights to the material in the future.  It needs to be remembered that the show originally aired on ABC which means extra materials we now take for granted, such as interviews, advertisements, etc. may have been created by them, so CBS have no authority to grant rights of use.  This is particularly annoying in cases such as the Citan commercials, where Mercedes have given the OK for their use, provided that CBS allows it, even though the commercial was approved and created by Lee Zlotoff, but because the series is owned by CBS, they get the final say on what is and isn’t included in any box set.

There has also been work done to improve the image quality which included fixing (where possible) minor errors (white compression lines) which were noted in the CBS box-set.

Image format:  1.33:1 (1080p)
Sound format:  DTS HD Master Audio 2.0
Languages: German & English
Subtitles: German

Interview with main actor Richard Dean Anderson
Interview with Murdoc actor Michael Des Barres
Interview with series creator Lee David Zlotoff
Interview with James L. Conway
Interview with Conrad E. Palmisano
Booklet with an essay by Stefan Jung and episode guide
Alternative dubbed version of episode 1 of the reboot series from 2017



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