MacGyver Gets Full Season 4 Order

UPDATED: Nov 7, 2019

News of a full season pick up for MacGyver’s fourth season was announced today by newbie cast member, Henry Ian Cusick, via a tweet which was later retweeted by show-runner, Peter Lenkov, and veteran co-star, Justin Hires who added his own comment “It’s official… we got picked up for a full season before season 4 has even aired!!”

There’s been no official word from CBS on the news, nor has there been any indications of when the new season will begin airing.

The season was originally pushed back to a half-season with only 13 episodes ordered meaning the show could start airing anytime up to Spring 2020 and was firmly in the realm of being a filler show. This has now changed though with a full season on order the show moves to being either a replacement (taking the place of a canceled show) or a scheduled show (being allocated its own planned time slot). If the later is true we may see the show moved to be a summer show. Status-wise this isn’t the best option as summer shows generally have less viewership and less budget allocated as they aren’t considered as important as the high profile “Fall Season” shows. However, the summer season also isn’t expected to have as high ratings as the Fall counterparts so this could, in fact, play into MacGyver’s hands for a 5th season by removing some of the ratings pressure of the prime-time Fall schedule

The half-season was always a strange move by CBS considering a full season 4 would make the show eligible for syndication – the Holy Grail of network television which allows a show to be sold to affiliate and/or other networks, stations and channels for continued profit. With a full season now ordered the show will now reach the 80 episode threshold by the end of this season which could also lead to an extended life for the show regardless of ratings shows such as Madam Secretary are anything to go by, which dropped the the bottom of the CBS ratings chart yet still continued production because of it’s syndication deals.

Everything we know about season 4 so far.

Daily news and updates from cast and as they film season 4.

UPDATE:  Nov 7, 2019

Justin Hires today announced on his twitter that the full season pickup has been made official.



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