Reboot Season 4

Episode list for season 4 of MacGyver reboot


MacGyver Production Suspended By Covid-19

MacGyver production has been halted for the season due to Corona Virus fears.


MacGyver Gets Full Season 4 Order

MacGyver gets a full 22 episode order for season 4.

Equipment + Tech

Answer Machine – GE Answering System 2-9860

Details and information about MacGyver’s Panasonic answer machine.


First Episode Title For Season 4 Revealed

We have our first season 4 episode title revealed tanks to a


Henry Ian Cusick Takes Co-lead Role on MacGyver

Season 4 of MacGyver will have a new co-lead played by Henry Ian Cusick.

Behind the Scenes

Opening Credits List: Season 4

A list of all scenes shown in the opening credits and the episodes they are from.


Season 4 MacGyverisms

Full list of MacGyverisms from season 4

DVD & Bluray

Season 4 On DVD

Specs and details of the season 3 DVD set


Season Four

Episode list for season 4