Opening Credits List: Season 3

A list of all scenes shown in the opening credits and the episodes they are from.



The Gauntlet
As MacGyver arrives in the south American town, he sees a girl being harassed by military officers. He interrupts them and pulls out his passport with a $20 bill inside it to keep them happy.
Pilot (opening gambit)
MacGyver rigs up a semi-automatic rifle on a tree branch as a distraction.
Thief of Budapest
MacGyver undoes the steering wheel of the prison tractor in preparation for his escape.
MacGyver pries the lid off a test tube containing acid in a multi-triggered bomb onboard a cruise ship.
MacGyver re-wires the main fuse box to overload in preparation for the final showdown with Quayle.
Last Stand
MacGyver files off pieces of a bicycle frame to make a Thermite torch.
The Gauntlet (opening gambit)
This particular shot isn’t used in the episode. It is from the scene where MacGyver unlocks the window to gain access to the room containing the map. The shoot we see in the episode is from inside the room.
Thief of Budapest
MacGyver jiggles the gear stick of the prison tractor to make sure it’s out of gear.
Trumbo’s World
MacGyver uses 2 half-dollar coins to arc weld a broken piston shaft.
The Golden Triangle
MacGyver pulls the ripcord of an inflatable life-jacket which he has set up as the first stage to a chain reaction of events to create a diversion.
The timer of a bomb in an underground lab counts down to its detonation as Doctors Steubens and Burke play their game of chess.
Title Explosion
Filmed specifically for the opening credits.
The Golden Triangle
MacGyver jumps out of a jeep and fires a flare to blow the jeep up.
Slow Death
MacGyver jumps into the entrance-way of a train’s carriage after having caught up to it..
Trumbo’s World (opening gambit)
MacGyver jumps into his inflatable raft while rescuing a scientist from her Pyrenees captors.
Trumbo’s World (opening gambit)
MacGyver repels down a cliff face while rescuing a scientist from her Pyrenees captors.
Opening credits 
This scene was filmed specifically for the opening credits during the episode ‘Last Stand’.
The Eraser
MacGyver plays some hockey with a local league team.
The Wish Child
MacGyver grabs the cargo net after blowing open the crate he was trapped in.
Pete shows MacGyver and Charlie where the bomb loaded cruise ships current location is.
The Golden Triangle
MacGyver dives behind a jeep as General Narai shoots at him from his “gunship” helicopter.
 Trumbo’s World
MacGyver removes the hood of his homemade ant suit after reaching the water dam.
MacGyver lowers himself down through the escape hatch of a stuck elevator as he descends into the bomb-damaged research center.
The Gauntlet (updated)
MacGyver tries to escape from the map room but finds the door is locked.
The Gauntlet
MacGyver and Kate are trying to beat the closing front gate to escaping from Ryerson’s mansion.
The Gauntlet (opening gambit)
MacGyver pauses to catch his breath after being shot at as he makes his escape down the street with a stolen map.


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