Mike Travers

Mike Travers was the founder of the Breland Steel Mill and was Chairman of the Board at the time of Eric Woodman’s leveraged buyout of the company. 

Woodman had initially told the workers that their jobs would be safe as he planned to keep the mill in operation, however, once he had ownership of the mill he found it wasn’t viable to keep it open, so shut it down with 3 months severance pay for all the workers. However, Travis wasn’t happy with this as he saw first hand how the loss of work was devastating his co-workers. As a result of this Travers decided to kidnap Woodman’s daughter for a ransom of $5 Million which he was planning on distributing to the former employees. His plan was never completed though as Woodman and MacGyver were able to convince him to let Lisa go in return for Woodman looking at reopening the mill for the former employees to return to work.


Hearts of Steel
Eric Woodman
Lisa Woodman 
Ron Hale


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