Commissioner Santos

MacGyver and his friend, Charles Alden, encountered Commissioner Santos, the governments legal representative for the area, at an outpost as they headed upriver to investigate strange phenomenon occurring deep in the Amazon jungle.

They had hoped to find a guide to take them into the jungle, but Santos insisted that there were no guides since the Indians were superstitious and refused to go deeper into the jungle. When MacGyver asked about Trumbo, the cocoa planter further upriver, Santos warned that Trumbo is an impossible man who cares only about his own plantation and recognizes no law but his own. He went on to explain that despite representing the law in his region Trumbo had taken a shot at him the last time they met.

This warning didn’t discourage MacGyver or Charles and they continued upstream to find Trumbo.


Trumbo’s World
Maurice Sherbanée
Lucien Trumbo
Charles Alden


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