Lucien Trumbo

The owner of a cocoa plantation in a remote region of the Amazon jungle, Lucien Trumbo began with just eight acres of land; over time he was able to expand his holdings to build a huge cocoa plantation. He was intensely proud of his achievement of fighting back the jungle with the help of his hired Indian laborers to create his own world, but when his wife died there, he became even more isolated, making his peace with the country and harboring no desire to share his life with anyone, not even owning a radio to maintain contact with the outside world. Over time he developed a reputation as an impossible and unapproachable man who recognized no law but his own.

When it was discovered that an army of soldier ants was eating its way through the jungle and straight towards Trumbo’s plantation he refused to abandon his life’s work as his workers all panicked and fled for their lives with only Luiz, a young man who had been rescued and taken in by Trumbo as a child, choosing to stay.

Both Trumbo and Luiz worked with MacGyver on his plan to stop the ants first by flooding the irrigation ditches to create an artificial moat and force them into the river, when this failed they built a gasoline flame thrower to burn them out, and when that also failed MacGyver created an explosive to blow open the irrigation dam which washed the ants away. Unfortunately, it also washed out the plantation, but Trumbo still considered it a victory and swore that he would rebuild even better than before.



Trumbo’s World
David Ackroyd

Charles Alden

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