Axminster is an assassin for hire notorious for having no qualms about collateral damage when carrying out his missions. He killed Sheikh Hussein by blowing up a mosque during prayers and killing 37 others with him.

When MacGyver returned from a mission to destroy a Middle Eastern nuclear facility, he learned from his handler, Barney,  that he had been identified and that Axminster had been hired to eliminate him. Barney warned MacGyver  that Axminster would torch the whole block just to kill him and urged MacGyver to get out of town until Axminster could be caught. MacGyver decided to use this as his excuse to go to Colorado for a long overdue visit with his grandfather, Harry Jackson.

Axminster and his associate, Black, tapped MacGyver’s phone messages to trace his location to the small town of Ouray, Colorado, where he and his team set out to eliminate MacGyver and his grandfather. However, MacGyver and Harry proved a formidable opponent as they eliminated six of  Axminster’s men, which he simply left behind in his ruthless and unrelenting pursuit of his target which eventually lead to the small deserted town of Evermore where, unbeknown to Axminster, MacGyver and Harry had set up a series of booby traps which they used to mislead and fluster their pursuers until MacGyver was eventually able to get Axminster into position under a boobytrapped balcony where he knocked out the half sawed support causing the balcony to crash down on Axminster and knock him unconscious.


Target MacGyver


D’Mitch Davis


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